To use this command, type verbose in the command line. A detailed explanation of each command is given below. The second way to run the Treck Xilinx Demo is to download one of the pre-built executables to the board. There are two methods for setting up the projects in the SDK. In this case, the hardware option will be set. Make sure to select “Copy files” and not “Link to files” if you drag and drop them.

xmd xilinx

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First notice that all the breakpoints and watchpoints are removed, second, the breakpoints and the watchpoints are read to be sure that they were removed. If Windows is being used, the contents xmdd this archive should be extracted to a folder whose path does not contain any spaces. There is only one command of this type called dowthat is used to download files.

xmd xilinx

This command is xmr by typing the command followed by the target id. It also writes the profile output file. We’ve seen this work, but are not entirely convinced it’s robust.

To do so, write the command followed by the start address of the block of memory that is to be read and specify the address range.

Digilent Plugin for Xilinx Tools [ntinc]

Then in your linker script assign. Similarly, you will need to replace the trkernel. If there were more than one target, these ones could be specified by writing the targets command followed by the target id xilind shown below. This command indicates when to stop collecting instruction and function trace information.



It is recommended that you change the active configuration to be the configuration you wish to modify before modifying it. Click browse and select a folder that can serve as the location for a workspace. It may be necessary to remove macros for other features in the demo if those features have not been purchased from Treck. This process should take noticeably longer while compiling the Treck stack.

This will result in an XMD connect command of connect hw ppc -debugdevice isocmstartadr X isocmsize Y isocmdcrstartadr 0xexactly what we need. The registers that appear in the figure are called Special Purpose Registers SPRs which are part of the PowerPC architecture and can be accessed by using the mtspr and mfspr commands. Also note that for this particular project each section is associated to a specific range of addresses which may differ for different projects. The directory structure must be correct for the SDK to find the Treck library and allow it to be used in software projects.

Also, understanding these SDK features can help to troubleshoot any problems with getting the demo to run on the board properly and introduce new features of the tool set.

Working with the XMD Console

This kind of commands is used to connect to an FPGA prototype platform. After that two breakpoints and one watchpoint are created in differing addresses.


In the Folder name box type src and click Finish. To do this you must overwrite the trsystem. To better understand this, see the examples in the following figure.

The letters that could be written to indicate the number of bytes to read from the memory starting from the value in address are h half word — 2 bytesw word 4 bytes and b byte.

Change the Configuration to be either DebugReleaseor [ All configurations xilijx.

xmd xilinx

Otherwise, follow the instructions in Setting up the SDK: After the Treck libraries have been placed in the proper xiljnx, the SDK can properly import the application code for the demo.

The method for setting up the SDK is detailed in the following section. It seems Xilinx isn’t planning a fix see post 5 in the forums link.

Only leave these defined if you have purchased HTTP: This command is used to connect to the MicroBlaze virtual platform. To see the current debug configuration type debugconfig in the command line.

This method will allow the user to examine and modify the demo source code, setup compiler optimizations and run the debugger.