I will justt write down the actions we are taking, who knows, it might be useful for smbdy.. I just reread your earlier post where it said: I think you can win your appeal s. Again I really appreciate the help. The entire appeal process lasted more than 17 months. I hope that the IND person you spoke to gave you his name or sends you all those promises in writing, and that you can send him the application for extension addressed to him personally.

werkgeversverklaring ind

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werkgeversverklaring ind

The IND site gives you no legal rights. Do you think that you have been unfairly treated by the IND? Think about your advantages and the worst case. It sounds like the IND has made mistakes and was not following procedure with your applications. Needs to fill the “request for regular residence permit” after it expires? You have to download and print these application forms.

Hi Mr Allies It’s really nice of you to take so much time to write!

Kennisgeving inkomende mobiliteit studie gemachtigde – Notification form incoming mobility study – authorised representative Notification form inbound mobility study foreign national – Application for a residence permit to look for a job after study, promotion or scientific research You can only use this form when you are in werkgeversverklariing Netherlands.


Problems are there to be solved. Do you have a residence permit as a family member of a holder of a European blue card? Is the residence permit you want to apply for not mentioned in the form? Option and naturalisation procedures for former Dutch nationals. You must know that others have also said, “let’s wait and see”, to get many problems.

Forms and brochures

Forms and brochures Lead. That’s werkgeversverkkaring the guy at the other end of the phone at the IND may have thought. When he applied for the extension of current residence permit in Feb. Allies is werjgeversverklaring the dentist now. It does cost money, but is worth every cent if it buys you more legal time in the NL. Hi Alies and thanks for your reaction! And well, I believe the same thing happened to me and I had no problems getting the perm.

Application for recognition as sponsor — Application for a residence permit study To apply for or to extend a residence permit study by the recognised sponsor: Insert sheet for asylum seekers from safe countries of origin AlbanianArabicDutchWerkfeversverklaring and Serbo-Croatian. You have grounds with strong legal merit. All they can do is say no How can you regain your Dutch citizenship?

werkgeversverklaring ind

IND said that this is stated on their website To extend the temporary asylum permit or to apply for a permanent asylum permit or a long-term resident EU permit:. What is the worst case? Online application form renewal Application because you have lost your permit or it has been stolen Online application form loss Application because your residence permit is damaged or contains wrong information Online application form replacement Online application forms in Business Portal Employers, facilitators for start-ups, research institutions, au pair agencies and exchange organisations can submit online application in our Business Portal.


Online extension of your residence permit is not always possible. I think you should appeal to the Dutch courts.

Extend Residence permit? [Archief] – Stichting Buitenlandse Partner

A sponsor has rights, but also obligations with regard to the foreign national. Do you know if I can use this form in for extending the permit? The guy told me not to bother as I was due to renew my residence permit within the next 6 months. Apparently, a female asylum seeker was awarded 34, euro this year. I am glad that Prawo, the immigration lawyer, responded to you.