During a restore send structured data to the front end. Update to trunk version of plugin updater paid versions , restoring the ability to work on older WP versions 3. Issue which prevented the downloader UI being removed during a manual entity download regression FIX: If everything worked, your new backup files will now be visible in the list. This option can be useful for testing. Differentiate between failures to JSON-decode an incremental backup manifest file and other types of failures 1.

updraftplus premium

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updraftplus premium

If the remote storage settings were for multiple instances of a single backend-type e. A couple of remote storage error paths were not returning the updraftplhs information to the upper level correctly TWEAK: Add the possibility of passing back associated data with test results, and log it in the premiuj console TWEAK: If a very large UpdraftVault upload took more than an hour, then the token could expire without being refreshed FIX: Is there any way to make managing multiple website backups easier?

Marked as tested and compatible on WordPress 4.

updraftplus premium

This is far from ideal; although UpdraftPlus supports resuming backup runs right from the beginning to avoid everything having to be done at premimu, it has its limits. Revert a change in 1. I recently moved my wordpress site and have had nightmare with instructions to export and reimport databases, and matching them up wth the cpied over files, but this is so simple, why didn’t anybody suggest it to me straight of the bat?


Once the backup is present in the UpdraftPlus list, you can select it and click the restore button. The in-page log file display had stopped continuously updating in 1. UpdraftPlus is known to successfully backup websites that run into the multiple-gigabytes on web servers that are not resource-starved. The web server disk space refresh link of the existing backups is not working FIX: BackupWordPress plugin creates a directory with prefix backupwordpress- inside the wp-content directory.

Whilst other security measures are essential, backups are the ultimate insurance: In cases where there were duplicate Google Drive folders which is possible if there are multiple network communications failures when looking up the folderthese are now detected and merged automatically TWEAK: Update Google Cloud bucket locations 1.

This task can be painstakingly dull and complicated, even for someone with developer experience. To find the backup log: If you are in the market for other WordPress premium plugins especially WooCommerce addonsthen try our sister shop, here.

updraftplus premium

UpdraftPlus — Backup, restore and migration plugin for WordPress. Asking the tour to cancel on the plugins page did not work FIX: Are you able to translate UpdraftPlus into another language? Show progress in updfaftplus view port instead of modal dialog when we delete the backup s.


Issue w/ UpdraftPlus Premium |

If you subsequently downgrade to an older version of UpdraftPlus, you will need to re-enter the settings for some remote storage options. Since they are attached to email reports, you can keep and retrieve them from those if needed.

Backups can now be uploaded to multiple instances of the same remote storage but not yet possible to add multiple instances 1. Almost everything did support it, but not everything mentioned it, which could cause confusion. Restoration did not display the decryption passphrase input but always used the saved one FIX: Refactor the remote storage logging code in Onedrive module 1.

Rpemium deleting backups with multiple remote storage instances of the same type, order the attempts 1.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

The free version of 1. You can now restore your backups and also use the other useful features provided by the UpdraftPlus Premium plugin. Differentiate between failures to JSON-decode an incremental backup manifest file and other types of failures 1. Warn the user if their.

You can find us in the WordPress support forum for this plugin.