I have a my book live and successfully upgraded to Twonky 6. Known Issues – “Rebuild database” now does a complete rebuild of the database. You can change this icon to a desktop PC if desired. We’re working on this issue now and expect this to be fixed in the next few weeks. Thinking this may still be a Twonky issue I also manged to upgrade to 6.

twonkymedia server 5.1.x

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Thinking this may still be a Twonky issue I also manged to upgrade to 6.

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Philips-Software-WebClient needs to disable picture scaling. Upgrading Twonky by bloody86twobkymedia Apr Trial users can now change some media feed settings or view personalized media feeds. I would encourage other Novices reading this to give it a go. More about this later. A Local queue is a queue on your PC that you created.

TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.1

Upgrading Twonky by Fussel11 Aug I am considering buying the license but need werver make sure it works once i bought it. The default port for twonky is — the same as the squeezebox server, so we need to change that. Added a gray outline around the icons for all Sonos ZonePlayers to appear when non-playable media is detected, so there is greater contrast against the white background.


Find out what you can do.

Upgrading Twonky by mpoirier22 May SRT file from your shared video folder. New Features – Follow Me feature — The feature allows 51.x to transfer the currently playing queue to another device or PC in your home.

A queue is created when you play multiple media items in a media list. I can still acces the shares, but DLNA is not working any more – not even after a full factory restore….

twonkymedia server 5.1.x

See new numradiostations and radioreread options. Mouse over a button to view its tool tip. They are called “New Today”. How can I change it to “Samsung TV”?

twonkymedia server 5.1.x

Anyone have tested it? As a result, TwonkyMedia manager is now TwonkyManager.

Upgrading Twonky – Hacking WD MyBook World Ed

No, you have normaly a 30 day’s trial and then need to buy it. I have two issues though: This might actually make the MBL usable! Upgrading Twonky by bloody8609 Apr This allows you to move more quickly from one YouTube video to another.


Twonky Server is used worldwide and is available as a standalone server end user installable, e. Twonkyymedia Sonos S5 speaker is now properly identified and assigned the correct icon.

TwonkyMedia Server back to – Twonky Release Notes – Twonky Docs

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This also improves the performance when an USB drive is re-plugged beacuse only new items have to be scanned. Does anyone know how to upgrade Twonky on the My Book Live from the worthless 5. You can disregard this and should not reinstall using recommended settings.

I did it like that on a “my book world”: While you can use screen capture software to obtain thumbnails, the easiest way to get them is to do a Web search for images with the same name as the movie or video.