It is detected and all looks good. Chris, in this bug report a user has problems with Ghostscript’s PostScript on a Toshiba printer and the problem goes away when suppressing Ghostscript’s page compression “psdebug” option for the pdftops CUPS filter. After a few tests it seems that I can print to this printer from the printing dialog. OK is the data that works both KO and KO-nodebug do not work never start printing, just “receiving data” on the printer. You are not allowed to copy, distribute, license or sub-license this Software. With the new package you can also test the behavior when switching between use of Poppler and Ghostscript and changing the resolution limit. I have uploaded a cups-filters package to precise-proposed now which switches back to Poppler and limits the image rendering resolution to dpi.

toshiba 4540c driver

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TOSHIBA e-STUDIO4540C / e-STUDIO 4540C Driver Download

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. A debdiff of the changes is attached. Christof Arn christof-arn wrote on Myabe one of the DejaVu ones if you have them. I tested twice, with a non-working ps in the middle just to make sure it wasn’t some random success: The issue can be worked around by adding the following to the Ghostscript command line when called from CUPs: Toshiba reserves the right to update this website at any time in its sole discretion and without notice.


toshiba 4540c driver

Toshiba Estudio printer driver bug Bug reported by Jacques Blain on It is however still possible to print from LibreOffice to a pdf and then print the pdf but that is not really a comfortable solution.

Laurent Cottereau laurent-cottereau-name wrote on Workaround at the top allows things to work right again. Adding printer works fine. Please keep the following configuration:.

toshiba 4540c driver

Accepted cups-filters into precise-proposed. But I don’t know how to come back to the previous state.

I am facing the same problem. Awesome works from you guys. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this EULA, you may not download, install, copy, or use this Software.

Tomas, to make sure that your further tests do actually deliver PostScript from Ghostscript, especially after the update to cups-filters 1. In addition, Ghostscript compresses the page 45540c before sending it to the printer. The choice between the two approaches is dictated by the value of “MaxFontItem” – any glyph larger than MaxFontItem will end up as “normal” image data, rather than in a Type 3 font.

toshiba 4540c driver

Note that, once again, five different Postscript interpreters from five different vendors all handle the original file without an error, so I assume this is a bug in the printer. Tomas did exactly the right to obtain uncompressed PostScript.


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Uncompressed file with no ttf font Edit The file in the debdiff looks very cluttered as there are many lines where only white space indentation changed. You acknowledge that no intellectual property right in the Software is transferred to you. Thank you in advance!

With the new package you can also test the behavior when switching between use of Poppler and Ghostscript and changing the resolution limit. From what you said, I made some additional tests. Changed in aptdaemon Ubuntu: Hello, my comment 30 was not very detailled.

Toshiba Tec Download printer driver

That way we find the smallest file that will fail. You can also print under these conditions. If we have to really debug this, it will take quite a bit of effort from both us and possible a fair amount of paper! Seems to be a regression with Configure printer settings and rectify errors.