This is my first external card I remake the same choice without hesitation. I wrote a full tutorial which can be found here. I have a high-end hi-fi system and several hundred vinyls. Not working in Ubuntu Connect it and it works.

tc konnekt 6 driver

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tc konnekt 6 driver

Setup Jack, see number 4 on https: Product page on www. I therefore naturally oriented towards a minimalist map. How complicated is the overall configuration?

tc konnekt 6 driver

This is my first external card I remake the same choice without hesitation. Track-record guitars through amps or simulators. I have not experienced anything bad with this interface but I have heard some bad things using it with Windows 7. Since I don’t have any music-dedicated software, I started recording with Audacity which is free. The interface with the reverb works fine. I have used the Konnekt 6 with other software though; you do not have to use the software that comes with it if you do not want to.

I do not need 20 inputs, ADAT port, 10 output. I bought it for troubleshooting is abroad, what it does very well, but not professional equipment in terms of functionality. Firewire audio interface with minimalist design but putting an emphasis on quality.


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I started with an M-Audio firewirethen I switched to an Mbox2 and then konnekt 6. TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 latency measurement results main outputs, on the phones out the latency is lower by 9 samples Yes, these lines are crucial. High resolution meter can be used to monitor input and output pre and post volume levels. The TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 is a 2 in and 4 out firewire interface that has a built in preamp and comes with recording software.

Once installation is complete.

What I exceptionally like about Desktop Konnekt 6 are that big volume knob with a backlight and output dim button. But I love the tactile aspect and the headphone volume separately!

E-mu and are complicated to Patchmix were possible sources of headaches constant. It would’ve driger nice to have a recording software even a basic one bundled with it.

Compared to M-Audio FirewireDesktop Konnekt seems to have more low end, less highs and slightly smaller dynamic range. I do not have Windows 7 to test it konmekt, if you are thinking of purchasing this and you have Windows 7 you should do some research first. Based on your experience, would you buy this product again?


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It’s been quite stable for a few months now, all 4 output and 2 input channels tested. A round in the editor software. What should i do? Same when you work and you need to mount the headset volume, we get a quick breath and therefore quite difficult.

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Lowest buffer size settings were playable with occasional dropouts. It seems at first that the Konnekt 6 has balanced analog outputs, but they are so called ground sensing balanced electronically balanced outs and their design doesn’t allow inverting the phase.

It has low latency drivers and can be used on a Mac and PC. Works on Ubuntu