At the time I was touring the urban and regional rock circuits with the Mangaweka Bluesband and Wayne was working the same circuits performing original material with his band “Two Armed Men. Will be up that way for 2 weeks in a month so hopefully the fish are biting then.. History – Chapter 4 – Tales of the Wild North. Cousins man pulls his in and says to me come on bro we waiting for you, with a little giggle. I got my rod all set up and through it in. It didn’t take long for the new project to surpass all our expectations as a rent-payer. These fish up here are allergic to my bait or something.

sweet music in te hapua

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History – Chapter 4 – Tales of the Wild North. We would eventually hand this same thursday night musuc over to the Warratahs when that band was formed a year later.

Before long our individual projects began to overlap as well, and by we were playing together in six separate band projects, but the Warratah’s unexpected popularity eventually led to that band becoming a fulltime job, and one by one, we had to give up all our other musical projects.

The demand for an all-acoustic band hapja Northland was surprising. Hhapua the formation of the Crookstrait Bluesband in Wayne and I were able to compare notes.

Chords for Sweet Music In Te Hapua

Very nice fish mate – well done. Following the Bulldog’s Reunion Tour, we had to start roping in members of the Electric Puha Band armed with various skiffle-type instruments to help out on the larger Northland festivals and events.


This situation still left friday and saturday nights free, allowing the two of us to continue pursuing our individual rock projects on the weekends. Perched up in the roof looking like a pair of scruffy old crows we named our duo “Heckle and Jeckle. A long, painful search for funds followed and the record was finally released as an EP in Every Maori Radio Station belts out this song and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Aotearoa Radio Network then swwet it and sent it out to all their Stations with instructions to put it on the high rotate playlist.

Chapter 4 –

Local restauranteur Reva Merrideth heard us performing at the supermarket and booked us to play in her restaurant. When the final version of Cockroach disbanded following the! Today the John Wayne Project no longer needs to provide Wayne and myself with an fe, and we are able to enjoy the luxury of performing together when and wherever we want, strictly for the pleasure of doing so.

Mean gotta love the far north. Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You can vote in polls in this forum.

sweet music in te hapua

Most Thanked Forum Posts 16 A first softbait kingie – than Dimitri Edmonds, Adrien Ruka. We have been known to suddenly pop up unannounced in the unlikeliest of places, so, who knows? Did up the wifes line for her and baited it, ha;ua it in and turned my back to do up my on line and all of a sudden hers took off.


Sweet Music in Te-hapua

When she saw us t urning up to play in our sombreros, Reva declared we looked like “. Chris soon established a fanbase of his own and the Pianoband then worked hapux around Northland until the end of the decade. See Puha Bandidos Acoustic Streetband. I said if this fish is a ten pound or over your going into the water lmao. Thats what it is all about, a man with a massive grin at the end of the day, cant beat that!

sweet music in Te Hapua

I took the master tapes to Wellington to mix and master at Crescendo Studios. This page was generated in 0. Wicked fish there Pecks jn report too mate.

Finally i have caught a fish over ten pounds super stoked! Well Peck, very nicely done there Blue Asparagus Members Profile.

sweet music in te hapua

To have an open platform for my songs at such a special place and on such a special day is a rare priviledge. Richard Rua Mason and myself had also kicked off the “Live at Waitangi” sets together, first performing on the Treaty Grounds as a duo in All that is, except our trusty little duo, which managed to not only keep chugging along through all the craziness of the Warratah’s early years, but long after I had left the band.

Good musjc, I can see the sights lifting a he now.