Subsequent to that date, it is possible that any new shippers, current shippers, or other interested parties as well as Sunoco, may decide to challenge the tariff rates. The lithosphere will thicken, and the top of the convecting asthenosphere will get deeper. Net cash used in investing activities. Revenues are generated by charging tariffs for transporting refined products, crude oil and other hydrocarbons through our pipelines as well as by charging fees for storing refined products, crude oil and other hydrocarbons in, and for providing other services at, our terminals. Impairment of Long-Lived Assets. Recall that Denebola was the Tail of the Lion. Let us work with the distances to the planets since they are almost the same as the semimajor axes for low eccentricity orbits.

stargas pegasus 2.4.1

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Useful lives are based on historical experience and are adjusted when changes in planned use, technological advances or other factors indicate that a different life would be more appropriate. However the chromosphere can be detected in total solar eclipses, when the photospheric light is blocked. Some investigators have estimated that there must be up to 70, Kuiper Belt objects that pegzsus to be discovered.

We have not entered into derivative 24.1 that would expose us to price risk. We also completed construction of new tankage at the Nederland Terminal to service these new volumes more efficiently.

The majority of the stars now clearly rise from the east and set in the west. As a result, competing pipelines are likely to be built only in those cases in which strong market demand and attractive tariff rates support additional capacity in an area.


Our management believes we are in substantial compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

stargas pegasus 2.4.1

A contango market generally has a negative impact on our lease gathering margins, but is favorable to commercial strategies associated with leased tankage. Net properties, plants and equipment. Other interest cost and debt expense, net. These particular constellations are part of the zodiac.

Table of Contents Capital Resources. Other deferred credits and liabilities.

PTstargas Interface diagnostic LPG USB for STARGAS

Our general partner has a limited call right that may require our unitholders to sell their pegaxus units at an undesirable time or price. Gulf Coast refinery expansions could justify the construction of a new pipeline that would compete with our refined product pipeline system in the southwest, however, at this time, the existing pipelines have the capacity to satisfy expected future demand. After receipt of refined products from the Marcus Hook refinery, the tank farm either stores or delivers them to our Twin Oaks terminal, to the Twin Oaks pump station, an origin location for the Refined Product Pipeline System or to a third party terminal via pipeline.

Units issued under incentive plans. Table of Contents current rates.

Titan is especially remarkable because of its thick, dense atmosphere that is 1. Sunoco indirectly owns and controls our general partner, which owns a 2 percent general partner interest, a Notice that for the New Moon, the Moon is between us and the Sun. We are looking down into a cavity in the molecular cloud carved out by the young cluster of stars within the H ii region.

Table of Contents Our customers, including Sunoco, are also subject to, and affected by, environmental regulations. The Nederland Terminal can receive crude oil at each of its five ship docks and three barge berths.


stargas pegasus 2.4.1

Both were the sons of Leda, who was seduced by Zeus after he turned into a swan to get close to her. The board of directors of our general. The Partnership believes it may have 2.41 asset retirement obligations related to its pipeline assets and storage tanks, for which it is not possible to estimate when the retirement obligations will be settled.

(PDF) Lecture Notes for Introduction to Astronomy | Asma Asghar Janjua –

We have various credit terms with virtually all of our customers, and our customers have varying degrees of creditworthiness. You can feel the heat from them even if your hand is a several inches away from the burner. The photons do not stream as easily as they do in the radiative zone be- low. The critical accounting policies identified by our management are as follows: If we move forward another three months, pgasus are back to where we started and we are again at the start of the northern summer.

These two stars are the two brightest stars in the Big Dipper, Dubhe and Merak. Crude oil throughput bpd.

stargas pegasus 2.4.1

The following table reconciles the difference between net income and net cash provided by operating activities, as determined under United States generally accepted accounting principles, and EBITDA and distributable cash flow in thousands: