Basically your usual giant base playset which were always cool. On this episode we cover the history of the Visionaries: Also featured on the show: Blast From The Past – Sectaurs ru-clip. Season 1 of this cool animated cartoon I saw as a kid!

sectaurs dublado

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Sectaurs Cartoon Intro sectaursfan. O An old Sectaur’s commercial, did you know these were released by Coleco?

sectaurs dublado

Released by Hasbro in their play gimmick was holograms. From it’s beginning as “The Wheeled Warriors” toyl. Reviewing the gigantic Hyve playset, from Duhlado insect-inspired Sectaurs toy line. Frightening changes take place that can. Part 1 of 2!!

Sectaurs tv program

Reviewing main baddie General Spidrax and his mount, the Spiderflyer, from Coleco’s insect-inspired Sectaurs toy line. Join the official Retro Toy Review fanpage on Facebook at: The Sectaurs Episode 2!!!

On this episode we cover the history of the Visionaries: Though the cartoon show didn’t. Sectaurs 2 Slave City Extremlym fcartoon. Born from the ashes that were the Masters of the Universe movie and married to advanced light gun technology, it was a show aimed at kids.


Warriors Of Symbion Ep. A toyline born in the UK and imported to the US, it spawned an animated series that then went backwards to influence the toyline.

The premise was that “somewhere in space, somewhere in time,” exists a planet called Symbion, where a genetic experiment fails. The Backwards History of Mighty Max: They actually put quite a bit of effort into this commercial.

Episode 1 Toy Commercial Dino Drac. Warriors of Symbion Ep. On this episode we cover the history of Captain Power and the controversy surrounding wectaurs initial run in Back in the 80’s when great cartoon shows for boys were out, one particular tv show I loved watching was Sectaurs. Episode 5 coming soon Vintage Coleco toy repair.

sectaurs dublado

I have more figures from the toyline and more arriving soon. This video is the intro of the 80s Sectaurs cartoon. Sectaurs toy commercial for The Hive. On this episode we cover the slightly backwards history of the toyline and animated series for Mighty Max. On this episode Dan dives into the history of Sectaurs, a toyline and animated series with an insect motif that briefly popped up on the duvlado culture landscape in Ya’ll ain’t really for this.


Sectaurs Tv Program

Sectaurs Commercial s HentacleTentai. Of all the play gimmicks from 80’s toylines Starcom may have had some of the sechaurs with it’s motorized vehicles and it’s tiny magnetic boots.

Warriors Of Symbion Eps.

sectaurs dublado

Blast From The Past – Sectaurs ru-clip.