HMS-Courageous , Sep 29, When are you going to deal with this irritating problem? I never doubted that this game will be getting free of them and getting fixed. Go to the Behemoth map, and there is 19 bots of out 20 ships mine excluded. Wolf and 1 other person like this. Or are we to assume our only real option left it to aquire these programs and join the many, or leave game completely?

sea bot seafight

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Come on BP how many new players have tried to play and given up due to this?

Again to sound like a broken record or game for that matter When are you going to do something about the bot epademic which is costing you lots of revenue daily and driving away legit players in droves on every server? HMS-ValiantSep 29, If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one.

Do you already have an account?

SwiftMay 10, Your name or email address: The bot detection system is running and when the next ban wave happens, those who have enough entries in the logs will, of course, be banned.

Anyone try this game it is always happy! This site uses cookies.

Seafight is a online-multiplayer game and it is not like other ssea games because you can play in real time and move your ship and sink those of others, or you can bid to metcato and collecting scattered precious objects with the gold you earn distuggendo monsters or arrembando others or destroying NPC ships.


Go to the Behemoth map, and there is 19 bots of out 20 ships mine excluded. We know who a number of them are.

sea bot seafight

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Bots are not legal to play it is as if they were playing for you so you do gold and resources instead of making them so you save time and have even more, or they can serve to make the mission srafight complete the bonus maps. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

sea bot seafight

Discussion in ‘ Help ‘ started by MacMay 10, Share This Page Tweet. Yes, my password is: There are also as in every game the allenaze that will bto more security and help you to grow beyond that to become friends. The game is absolutely free as bots that you can download and if you need a hand and tips just comment below the article!

They should have left it as maps are no shoot for all levels and make is as above level 10 they cannot pick up shineys or chest thus giving new players a chance to get thier ships a bit stronger, you have ships that are staying below level 15 to be able to go into the sun raid map sinking out little players who do not have the ability to fight back. Oddy seafught, May 10, Share This Page Seaffight. Botters will be left with no option but to level up leaving them open to being chain sunk by us angry players.


Bots, HERE! | Seafight

Many of those bots you see in the 1 maps are another account started by a higher level bot runner account. I’m a lvl 4, trying to get glitters in the 1 maps. But to be honest: Ahoy, Firstly, let me state that we understand the frustration caused by boh users and we also would like to take action against them.

sea bot seafight

Especially 1 maps and lower maps are filled with bots. Came back to today and I have seen it.


This is really getting ridiculous! This, however, requires evidence. This up to our developers and game designers who work tirelessly to remove such cheats from our games. Your name or email address: Seafigth players and I mean an authentically new player to Seafight have virtually no chance in getting started and will soon quit.