It works as a priority list. Looking forward to trying this out. Several 99’s have been acquired using this script! Post the bug as a reply on this thread. Logger will say it’s attacking a rev but the toon is just standing there doing nothing. Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. No pkers were there.

runescape revenant bot

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Posted June 1, edited.

So basically it will learn and reset every bot session. If it occurs please report, rsvenant sadly I cant do anything else besides waiting for them to fix it.

runescape revenant bot

There has been several times while trying to run this for about 2 hours where in 7 to 9 minute intervals the script will either just log you out or it will freeze. Anti-pking works far better than expected.

Revenant Pet Drop Rate

Ballista, Rune kite, Rune legs, D spear, and Runescapf robes. Script removed pending discussion of your “pay to unlock. Sign In Sign Up. The only time run is really needed is when you are actually killing revs or getting attacked by pkers. You’re doing a bit too much questing. More robustness regarding pkers. Join the conversation You can post now and register later.


Revenant Pet Drop Rate

Looking forward to trying this out. Things that should be added are: Run energy is used very inefficiently. Upload or insert images from URL.

I noticed when clicking it after the script has been running for more than a few minutes, it just switches the inventory to the gear tab or does nothing at all.

runescape revenant bot

I have noticed a few times now that I am walking WITH pkers while the script is taking my toon to the rev cave and it also doesn’t tend to notice nonskulled pkers hanging out at the cave entrance.

Revs use ice barrage Happened again.

Revenant bot

However there have been a few instances where I was babysitting the script and it didn’t hop when there were clearly several pkers. I have noticed a few times that the script hangs up between 10 and 13 minutes of run time. Just now, person said:. Try running the script and see if it occurs again. I added functions to remove outliers so that the mean spawn time for each revenant is more.

Revenant bot | Sell & Trade Game Items | OSRS Gold | ELO

You can get your ranged ruhescape 50 through cannoning, then hire a trusted user on sythe to do for roughly 3. Here’s a guide on creating a 40 defence, 75 ranged, nmz ready, Salve ei account from scratch. It gives no real debug information for this script. Several 99’s have been acquired using this script!


Back in early June I’d have the bot running for Will also add support for revs above 31 wild and option to randomize the spots. Tweak the potion support so the script recognizes to pot at the same time. I did this runeescape and already made massive net returns.

runescape revenant bot

The anti-pk item list if fairly complete if you have suggestions PM me on runexcape or on discord. Risking total account for the progress of botting science Edited June 6, by Sucrax. It should definitely be a premium script with a higher than average monthly fee.