Frames are much less likely to crash with other mods, and will drop far fewer block types when moving. So, who is the winner for you? She doesn’t post a lot, so there’s no way to judge what her game is and whether or not she should be spending what free-time she may or may not have making toys for us to enjoy. Not everything is competition, more is better in Minecraft. Expect this to improve in the future. It also offers a large array of logic gates, capable of performing complex logic operations based on Redstone signals. Project Red Mod 1.

redpower 2 microblocks

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RetroGamerApr 15, The day has finally arrived! Download button up top, like usual.


The biggest change in this version is simply that it runs on Minecraft 1. ExadiApr 15, With my own engine, there are no issues with code churn. So, who is the winner for you? No, create an account now. Well, I guess there is a reason about it NTaylorApr 15, First, the microhlocks map: Discussion in ‘ Mod Discussion ‘ started by DravardenApr 15, Forge Relocation is another mod that was designed to work with ProjectRed, but can be used independently.


Don’t know how someone could hate on someone who spends their freetime producing a quality mod to the public for free.

Dravarden, give it a rest man. EntropyApr 15, Fixed default coloring in empty Sorting Machines.

Immibis’ microblocks VS redpower 2 | Feed the Beast

PonyKuuApr 16, This one was about microblocks, am I correct? Yes, my password is: Redpowre name or email address: Get it at the download link above. ILoveGregTechApr 17, Drives drop disks when broken.

redpower 2 microblocks

No more glass jacketed wires. One bug has been causing a fair amount of trouble, and there was previously no way of getting Blutricity in the Nether. Fixed counting bug in Filters, etc. Logic tiles in inventories are going to get corrupted, and the current state, including rotation, will be lost on load, although they should convert tiles in world. My web team and I just finished removing WordPress and installing Octopress.

Only wanted to point out that i voted for the Microblocks not the whole mod. There are no “antics”, some people move on, some have personal issues. LambertEntropyRedBoss and 2 others like this. Fixes Fixed the Deployer interacting with animals.


Frame Motors no longer lose power on chunk reload.

redpower 2 microblocks

If hypothetically RP2 were to be abandoned I’m not saying that’s happened – can Immibis’ block IDs be configured such that you could transition to a RP2-free world microblocls losing any microblocks? Its coming VERY soon — stay tuned to http: It should run well on next-generation console hardware also.