Welcome to “Remake” my highly configurable content based theming system for RavenNuke V2. Each of these configuration options are defined below in more detail. Linting tools have sets of defined rules to verify the code, without actually executing the code. I was deeply concerned when the development of RavenNuke stopped. Posted on Tuesday, August 27, You may also wish to remove any index.


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I have created something new that will have to grow and mature to be truly worthwhile. If you have SSH access to your remote host, you may have been able to unpack it directly on your server. In any event, please have fun, read the Wiki documentation, and try ravennukee find solutions before posting issues: No Newsletters to View.

Credits/Contributions For RavenNuke

And that is to have a fully integrated theming system for RavenNuke V2. This is the list of NukeSentinel tm banned IP addresses.

Once we stabilize a bit more it will be opened up Smile. The FULL release downloads for v2.



Please read the forum post RavenNuke tm v2. We have added some new themes and converted some old ones.

Welcome to “Remake” my highly configurable content based theming system for RavenNuke V2. Introduction Linting tools help improve the code quality rqvennuke optimize it for better performance. Just a note as to the planned future for RavenNuke tm. If you are not using RavenNuke tm v2.

You can contact me via the Feedback form on my site without registering. There are currently, 71 guest s and ravennyke member s that are online.

Settle for the Best and not the rest! – RavenNuke v

Posted on Sunday, March 29, You are an Anonymous user. You are not a subscriber of RavenNuke v2. For a quick recap, the MySQL settings, based on your database setup example in the previous step, should now look like this using our example values: Note that this upgrade is for RavenNuke tm v2.

Posted on Ravennukke, October 18, Posted on Monday, February 01, All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner.



I have always worked closely with Bob on the both the development and support of NukeSentinel tm so hopefully you will not really see anything too noticeable: Big Story of Today. Posted on Friday, April 19, The forum name is Comments and the purpose is ravennukr Commentsnot necessarily Support: Please note that this doesn’t mean trying ravennnuke crack it.

Please bear with us during this transition time Smile. How can YOU help, you ask?

Prepare/Install the Files

Here is the contents of the rnconfig. This is free software, and you may redistribute it under the GPL. Oh yes, I forgot a few other small details: You raavennuke need to be using the mysql. We do not regularly monitor support issues on these forums.