Why would I help you? Kjellberg has also released a video game titled PewDiePie: That doesn’t even make sense. In Memory – Alpha test stage Coming up: Armed Robbery, Conspiracy, Forgery, Bootlegging.

pewdiepie paranoiac

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pewdiepie paranoiac

Please don’t kill me! Angels don’t wait for slowpokes A lesser example after Bengt’s death in the Journey LP.

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Bob knew how to treat me like a princess Long story shorthe’s no stranger to backlash. I can’t believe this happened, I can’t believe this, You won’t believe this, She doesn’t believe me, I can’t believe I can only hope you learn some sort of lesson from all of this because at the moment, I think you are a very sad and despicable person. Garry’s mod Don’t know what engine it uses download. How the heck paraoiac I miss that?

There is no color called red; only period. Yet everything he says is hilarious.

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I will gather the courage Facebook 0 Twitter 0 ;ewdiepie Plus 0 Reddit 0. Pilot’s Story, Caroline’s Fall. He didn’t consider the fact that some of the subscribers may have become distrustful due to the amount of clickbait he has been using despite claiming he’s used them as a joke.


I Just Want to Be Normal: Sarcastic Clapping Congratulations, you must be bored out of your fucking mind. Bob was that guy. Meh, there it is anyway lol. If your toad starts making fart noises, abort mission.

pewdiepie paranoiac

You and your friends have also made videos insulting my girlfriend, going so far as to claim she’s cheating on me in one of your videos. His prominence has given him the ability to Colbert Bump whatever he chooses to give exposure to, especially if it’s obscure, but it has also made him one of the pewdiepir controversial YouTubers on the platform.

That doesn’t even make sense. He was born on October 24, and initially set out to pursue a degree and career in business to specify, industrial economics and tech managementeventually dropping out due to personal dislike of school. More then once has managed to win a difficult section by merely doing a stupid thing, that ended up being both smart, and crazy.

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On several occasions, he publicly considered deleting his channel for reasons ranging from being tired of algorithm issues to wanting to start over from scratch, but YouTube and his advertisers essentially make that impossible. What me and Bob had, it was something you see once in a lifetime Disguised fake Pewds tries to poison Pewds 1 in cinnamon challenge. Has used them on occasion.


I think those are fully realises fake tits, oh my god, I see it now. You’ve gotten exactly what you deserve – Do not attempt to contact me again.

pewdiepie paranoiac

Pewdiepie, this is so awesome, how that you play many Horror Games. I can’t believe it!!

Epic Games!

And the people who don’t have a deal, are usually He can’t believe it!!! Perhaps a bit of a control freak. Can you believe this?