I am setting up dev env. Note that the software for steps 1 and 4 comes from a GitHub repository, and the software for steps 2 and 3 should come from the official OpenNI website. Besides, note that the driver must match your system type x86 or x , but the OpenNI software should match your development environment type, which may be different, like in my case x86 aka win If you are using MSVC or , you still can use the stand alone 3rd party installers from this downloads page, then you can follow this tutorial to build PCL using the 3rd party installers. However, you may still want to build PCL from sources if: For details, please read the draft chapter.

openni 1.5.4

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On Ubuntu, regular users are only given read permission to unknown USB devices.

At this point, you have enough installed to get data from the Kinect. Thanks so much for your instructions. Hi, I managed to install everything on WindowsXP and Windows7 32bit but running any sample application I get an empty black window.

Really excellent, doubt I could have done it alone. I am new to oopenni.


Kinect on Ubuntu with OpenNI

So, we can check out the code. You opebni also need a Java SDK installed, for some reason. We provide installers for both 32bit and 64bit architectures.

For both these values I cannot find any difference in motion.

Think of an OpenNI sensor module as a device driver for the hardware. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You have to choose the right all-in-one installer depending on your setup. This page has been helpful to many, and I want to make good use of it as well.

Kinect on Ubuntu with OpenNI – 20papercups

So, this post should fill the void. If you want to build PCL from sources using the prebuilt 3rd party libraries, do not use the all-in-one installersbut rather, prefer the 3rd party stand alone installers as they will set some environement varibales which will make configuring PCL much easier.

openni 1.5.4

I have a problem with NiUserTracker. Cannot craete any node of the requested type? What do you think?

openni 1.5.4

Therefore I request you if you could pls help me regarding this problem how can I change the frames per second to achieve a faster response.


Your email address will not be published. Actually you really need to uninstall everything as he says. I have tried downloading winlibusb v.

How can I install PCL using the installer? I manage to install everything but my samples said that the kinect is on safe mode so i cant access to it. I’ve also made that zip file available here ; it’s MB large. Choose the proper version, x86 or x, according to your OS version. In Device Manager I can see libusb-win32 devices: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You should see a yellow-black depth image. Home Augmented reality Multitouch Video Info. You then need to change into the Redist directory and run the install script to install the software on your system. Ok, I think i am able to install it. Is open Kinect any better? I am using ubuntu