However, the difference is just the branding, it is the same thing as EAP 6. Yeah, EAP you can’t use in production without license, good to know you can use in development. Binary distributions can be found here: There are some considerable improvements in 7. Also, previous download page has been changed to not include EAP releases anymore. JBoss is a powerful open source Java application server developed by RedHat.

openlogic jboss 7.2

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See the links in my answer.

openlogic jboss 7.2

If you take a look at the download pageyou see the versions together with the release dates:. The thing Opeenlogic don’t get is this: How do we handle problem users?

jboss7.x – JBoss 7.x or JBoss EAP 6.x – Stack Overflow

Get it installed on your Ubuntu Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: These days where anyone is allowed to push to Central, anything which is not Central is non-standard. X product line as wellso no reason to go for 6.


openlogic jboss 7.2

Thanks Tomaz, by golly, that worked! There are some considerable improvements in 7. Correct Answers – 4 points.

openlogic jboss 7.2

But ware related to few tests jbods. This content has been marked as final. In jboss download page they have mentioned LGPL license Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Hello, Just wondering if you had an update on this subject. I thought you were refering to JBoss AS 7. JBoss AS is probably the only community project I know which has a new “feature” of not providing binary releases.

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Both of which is just unnecessary and makes people’s lives harder Log In Sign Up. Should I download JBoss 7. You can not post a blank message.

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This tutorial is for JBoss 7. Any input would be appreciated! Binary distributions can be found here: They can be found only at EAP download pageand it doesn’t even contain 6.

I am installing JBoss but I don’t understand which version to choose. In return you’d get commercial support for it as well.