The repaint template is very good bit buggy I found when painting over the windows that can be opened, but that doesn’t bother me. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. I have had this bus for some time and it is an absolute pleasure to drive. Downloads Latest reviews Search downloads. You can obtain this new UK bus map add-on from here The Mercedes Benz Citaro Euro 6 is a freeware bus and is available to download here. Only needs a decent ticket machine then it’s perfect! I really like what I see!

omsi mercedes citaro e4

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Auf der Meredes von dem Entwickler,sprich Chrizzly Nice beginning keep up the good work. Wonderful to drive and detail is unbelievable. This mod would be much better if the creator added Citaro with 2 doors, and fixed camera views. But in Czech Republic is rare the 2 doors version.

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The map is well detailed and has realistic road textures as would be typically seen in the real world. So, you cannot move.

omsi mercedes citaro e4

We are receptive to every kind of constructive feedback. Citro works really well. Da muss aber noch viel gemacht werden If you enjoy my content and would like to support my cause to making much better videos in the future.


Yes we are trying to create the italian edition Aber der Anfang ist schonmal gelungen!

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So you can enter the bus just with one front door. The repaint template is very good bit buggy I found when painting over the windows that can be opened, but that doesn’t bother me. Are you also going to create a version with 2 doors? I find this bus really annoying. Before I’ve said that we have not chosen it yet.

Your browser has JavaScript disabled. It clicks on drive but it does not change at all. I can see that you have already done much.

OMSI – Mercedes Citaro Facelift E4 – U – version – Video

It will be a private mode Thank you. It’s not perfect, though most of the grudges I have with it above mention of the repaint template and not being able to repaint the seats from what I can see are only minor and this is a very welcome addition to the fleet.


Very good, for anyone having the issue where it does not move in gear put gear in neutral and handbrake on and hold the break and put into gear then remove handbrake: If you would have looked 3 onsi over yours, you would know The answer However, I find that the rear looks weird.

And, I can never get the gearbox to work. Irisbus Citelis 12 Merfedes persons: The overall performance is fantastic. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

omsi mercedes citaro e4

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. It has only two doors Will the bus get a closed driver cabin like in this bukarest citaro https: But for the Start, not bad! Yesterday I was playing with this Volvo but there aren’t standing places Lovely bus to drive around any UK map with.

omsi mercedes citaro e4

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