Palnati Yuddham film. Music released by Audio Company. On the battlefield, Nagamma realizes her mistake and seeks pardon from Brahmana. Retrieved from ” https: At the same time, Palnadu saw flash floods.

ntr palnati yuddham movie

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Gangaratnam as Anmamba B. Rama Rao Bhanumathi Ramakrishna.

ntr palnati yuddham movie

Palnati Yuddham Theatrical release poster. Using Narasimharaju as a weapon, Nagamma kills Alaraju by poisoning, Peerindevi also makes Sathi with him, before dying she takes a word from Balachandra to kill Narasimharaju. But the negotiations fail and the battle begins at Karampuudi, except Brahmanaidu, Nagamma, Nalagamaraju, and Kanamma Dasu, everyone dies in war.

This page was last edited on 29 Julyat On the battlefield, Nagamma realizes her mistake and seeks pardon from Brahmana.

Palnati Yuddham film. Brahmanaidu sends another person to negotiate with the condition that to give back the kingdom with Narasimharaju’s head.

“Palnati Yuddham” Full Telugu Movie (1947) | Govindarajula Subba Rao, Pasupuleti Kannamba [HD]

On hearing this, Raja Maata Vidyaladevi also decides to leave the kingdom, she asks Nalagamaraju to divide the kingdom and give the share to his son Malidevadulu M. In the end, Nagamma also realizes her mistake and bows her head down before Brahmanaidu. In the king’s court, Nagamma accuses Brahmana of fomenting trouble. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


ntr palnati yuddham movie

Rama Rao and Bhanumathi Ramakrishna in pivotal roles. Views Read Edit View history.

Palnati Yuddham – Telugu Full Movie – N.T.Rama Rao, Anjali Devi, Bhanumathi [HD]

During Anugu’s rule, a wealthy and powerful woman Nagamma enters the kingdom. Nagamma cheats to win and Malideva has to leave his kingdom.

ntr palnati yuddham movie

Annapoorna as Renukamba G. Here she plans to grab the Marcharlla kingdom by creating a conspiracy.

For the film, see Palnati Yudham. Sadasiva Rao as Malideva Raju V. Retrieved from ” https: This irks the upper caste people’s head Gopamantri K.

This page was last mvoie on 29 Julyat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Before his death, he anoints Nalagama Raju the king and leaves him to the care of his minister Brahmanaidu.

Palnati Yuddham ( film) – Wikipedia

Narimani as Koyapilla T. Meanwhile, Brahmanaidu comes to know that his son Balachandra Harinath is alive and he again tries to kill him. Nagamma holds control over Gurajala and its ruler Nalagama. This irks the upper caste people and also the prince Narasinga Raju, who seeks the help of Nagamma.


This article is about a Telugu Film.

Finally, Brahmanaidu handovers the kingdom to Nalagamaraju, making Nagamma as chief minister and Kanamma Dasu as chief commander and leaves to the forest for penance.

At the same time, Palnadu saw flash floods. Much against the wish of Nagamma, Nalagama divides the kingdom, and Macherla is given to Malideva, who rules it with Brahmanaidu as his adviser.

As part of it, Malideva is invited for Kodi Pandelu cockfightthe traditional competition held during Movid. This results in war and the annihilation of almost the entire clan.