Also, adjustment of luminance and contrast can only be done manually. Viewing angles were wide, response time was actually pretty good and uniformity was excellent. Gamma had already been accurate at default factory settings but remained at 2. Colour accuracy was also confirmed to be very good with average dE of 0. We will test some of these below.

nec spectraview profiler 5

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NEC lcd2690wuxi 2008 Spectraview activation problem

This bit LUT means that you have a palette of spectravview. The brightness and RGB settings are then not available for manual adjustment in the OSD as the software has controlled these while profiling.

A larger number will generally lead to a more accurate calibration but will take longer.

These are then tuned and altered to enhance the performance even further, with advanced adjustments being made in the factory to ensure these are the absolute cream of the crop. Preferences Please mention that some of the settings become active after a restart of SpectraView Profiler 5. The gamma, colour temperature and luminance targets were met well.

The brightness setting remained at in the OSD and white point was set at k as with the ‘full’ preset mode. These controls must be off.

NEC launches SpectraView┬« Profiler 5 Software – NEC Display Solutions Nederlands

Apr 7, 9. Colour accuracy was not as good as in the other modes, probably due to the emulation of a smaller colour space at a hardware level.

nec spectraview profiler 5

With SpectraView II, the video graphics adapter is not used at all to make any gamma or Tone Response Curve corrections to the display, so the full colour resolution and fidelity of the system is maintained. The SV model is then packaged with a calibration hood, SpectraView Profiler software and license and a factory report validating the performance of the panel selected and spechraview the tuning completed.


nec spectraview profiler 5

As you can see, default colour accuracy was the best we have seen at dE 1. Every single display can be calibrated individually through this main window. Types P ProtanopiaD Deutanopia and T Tritanopia emulate color vision dichromacy, and Grayscale can be used for evaluating contrast legibility.

Product registration and licensing Apart from the requirements of your application, operating system, graphics card and software, one more pertinent limitation is from a display point of view, where there must be an interface which can support bit colour depth.

NEC SpectraView Reference monitor review. 27 inch LCD monitor

The software can display and save sets of reference measurements. Perhaps the software has trouble correcting at the dark end of the greyscale, or perhaps it is a limitation of this particular panel.

Calibrated Settings High Bright preset. Print page 1 Print document 79 pages. At the end of the process you are presented with a validation screen as shown above, with several tabs of useful information.

nec spectraview profiler 5

necc No, create an account now. This issue can be caused by the different spectral outputs of the two displays causing the human eye to see color differences differently than the color sensor used to calibrate the displays.

Page 66 Profiler User Manual Curves This option allows you to change the shape of the tonal response curves with three additional handles.

NEC launches SpectraView® Profiler 5 Software

The manual adjustments will be reset by the calibration process. Page 36 Besides the white point color temperature and luminance, some hardware calibrateable monitors allow for controlling gradation curves so that no correction needs to be done in 8 bits on the video card e. Colour accuracy was also confirmed to be very good with average dE of 0. InToGraphicsJul 2, BigesMay 22, Our online sales system is updated with stock levels in our warehouse in real time, and may be temporarily low on the item you selected.


Since the measured value used to calculate the final Delta-E result is taken up to one or two minutes after the display was adjusted, a higher Delta-E value may be shown, even though the calibration process achieved the specified Target values during the calibration process. Like the Euro software, the package makes these adjustments for you, but goes a step further to calibrate the internal hardware bit LUT as well. But still possible to “activate” by softMCCS.

Compared with the other 27″ models here, it was also a little behind the Dell U 0. Above I have plotted the colour accuracy reports from the NEC PAW best results in ‘High Bright’ mode against the results of other competing models in this range we have tested.