Notice that Oracle Map Builder is now populated with the mvdemo metadata. Step 10 Create a Report using the County Column. MapViewer – Installation In this case, leave it blank, which means that all features within the current map extent will be selected. Order Nominal Discrete Distance Ratio.


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You should receive the following message in the Map Builder Messages pane: Map Viewer will restart, reload this configuration file, and the mvdemo data source will be created make sure the database and its listener are both up!

The city is also available. Step 9 Specify the Background Map.


Cache Configuration Configuration Diagnostic Installation Recall that you created the M. Go in the Mapviewer Home Page http: This article talk about the installation of the spatial demo set that you need to run the Oracle Maps Tutorial online demos listed at the bottom of the MapViewer home page. Use the following script for reference: Mappers and Max Connections specify how many simultaneous users can connect to the MapViewer db.


In Edit Background Map dialog, arrange the layers from top to bottom: I am trying to get mapviewer to work with some data i have.

MapViewer – Installation of the demo files [Gerardnico]

In my case i created API project. Importing Schemas to your database: How can i get this information to work with mapviewer? In the command Prompt assume you have unzipped the demo. And your map looks like the below image. Installing and Configuring Mapbuilder.

MapViewer – Installation of the demo files

Next we need to specify a column from our subject area which contains ‘County’. Grant privileges to the mvdemo user. You may need to scroll down to see the Edit button. Leave Background color unchecked. If desired, use zoom controls to adjust the preview.


Grant privileges to the obieemap user. Mvdemo.xmp verify if this script has been run, you can log into the database as any userand execute the following query: MapViewer – Installation Now we need to specify which map we’re the theme will use.


MapViewer – Installation of the demo files. Click on the bottom url link: Review the XML definition of the theme so far.

If denied, try logging in as sysdba by typing the following command into sqplus: Newer Post Older Post Home. A theme is a visual representation representation of the data, and arguably the most important component in creating a map. You should receive the message “Connection mvdemo is valid”.

Let’s Live The BI Wonder: Adding Maps 2: Integrating NAVTEQ / MVDEMO map with OBIEE

The theme editor page open on the right side of the application. Create a new mfdemo.dmp, select the County column you specified in step 7, and a fact column which joins to the county dimension.

Creating a State Theme.