This auxiliary stub is optimized for the center of frequency range. If only the shape of the structure is changed by rearranging the segments no new reaction integrals have to be calculated! Technical support and improved versions of the program will be provided in return as work progresses. The file may be edited in advance or within the program. This program is provided AS IS without any warranty, expressed or implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular use. However, this option is not fully evaluated jet use with caution and only in conjunction with high precision calculation. However, for time saving purpose the multiport capability is limited in a way that not the complete scattering matrix is calculated with a single run of the program.


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If approximately two third of the structure is captured by this radius the results are usually sufficient.

The first parameter number of the structure defines the segmentation size which is used and on which layer the structure is located. The following shows the head of the example file demo1. Avoid too large frequency ranges! Double stacked microstrip antenna with an electrodynamically coupled feed, for comparison with measurement see reference [3, p. Learn more about cookies in our privacy policy. If only the shape of the msrrip40 is modified by rearranging the segments no new reaction integrals are calculated.


The direct definition of the points overrides the increment. The size is given in mm in x and y direction.

An Interesting Program MSTRIP40

The direction of the connection to the structure is arbitrary and is allowed in any layer at any structure: Georg Splitt All rights reserved 1. Progrmik do projektowania anten paskowych. The maximum number of unknowns basisfunctions is set msyrip40 but can be enlarged to the limit of available memory. Only port 1 is then excited.

An Interesting Program MSTRIP40 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Caution, with this option the automatic correction of the stub can not carried out. Experiment, Electronics Letters, Jun.


In this case the mstrop40 editor may ,strip40 in the file mstrip With the arrow keys the view angle of the three dimensional presentation is changed. You might modify the path for your browser in the the mstrip. The number of points are defined either by the increment or directly. Microstrip antenna with an inserted feed, for comparison with measurement see reference [2] or [3, p.

Radiating large slot coupled by a microstrip line, for comparison with measurement see reference [8, figure 6].


Electrodynamically coupled disturbed antenna for producing circular polarization, with dielectric cover. Error reports and any comments would be gratefully appreciated by the author.



A high precision factor increases the computation time mainly for the calculation of the reaction integrals see chapter 5. The MultiSTRIP program is written to analyze and design multilayered arbitrary shaped microstrip antennas on multiple dielectric layers. There are two iterative solvers mstrop40 choose.

Microstrip antenna with an electrodynamically coupled feed, for comparison with measurement see reference [3, p. The Co polarization is coded in colors.

Mstrip40 –

Only the scattering parameter s11, s21, s It contains the three dimensional radiation pattern in a format described below: Especially the calculation of the coupling integrals reaction integrals for the used basis functions to approximate the current is very time consuming. An iterative solution procedure is mstfip40 to solve the linear system build up by the reaction integrals and the geometry of the structure.

This means that the influence of to basis function with a larger distance than 10 20 times the segment sizes is neglected. The file may be edited in advance or within the program. The series excitement is allowed only in x-direction!