Da nu vreau pupat in bot! The owl is on the prowl and though the pussycat did scowl. Fight for what you believe in. Minor updates to make it purrfect! About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Legal considerations.

mieunat pisica

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She meowed all night long. Instantly translate your voice into meows and get kitty’s attention.

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Yes, I heard meows and Cat’s been yelling all day. These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search.

mieunat pisica

Human-to-Cat Translator also includes a meow mkeunat for instant access to common cat calls. I’d sing words that sounded like “meow”. Recenzii Politica privind recenziile. Good morninggg, today I’ve slept more than expected: With over quality samples from more than 25 cats, Human-to-Cat Translator dares to impress even the most ill-tempered sourpuss.


I will spill the beans for 3 salmon sticks and 5 tuna cans, non-negotiable. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock.

Can those eyes lie? How you know the weather is colder- when I prefer a little carpet to sit on instead of the ice-cold floor.

Pisica lui Dalai Lama și puterea lui miau

When you have the goods, I will tell you where to meet me, until then, not a wor. So there was constant mewing in our home.

Am asking for some attention, is there anyone who is not busy!!!?? It’s not pretty, believe me!

Translation of “mieunat” in English

Come on, concentrate on his meowing. Am auzit un mieunat ciudat. Cat influencers are purrfect, remember? This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Human-to-Cat Translating functionality. Da nu vreau pupat in bot!

E timpul sa ne odihnim.

mieunat pisica

Fight for what you believe in. Human-to-Cat Translator actually performs audio analysis on your voice for reals and regurgitates carefully bastardized meows according to your input.


Download meow and start speaking the delightfully irritating language of cats!

Minor updates to make it purrfect! One meow and I’m out of the door with my pockets empty. No, you threw your gun, then we heard a bang, -and then a cat screamed. She meowed a lot when she first arrived. Voice changer with effects.

Cine poate, ca eu iar sunt chinuit. No, no, don’t take the picture from mieuhat angle! Hello my name is Herr Adolf Kittler the 9th. I found this little kitten, like this big, under a car.