Do you make also wheels for the C2? The old was just awful. I’ll attempt to fix this and post something as soon as I can. The N2 3doors version I can’t make via door. Does anyone knows a solution for that? Yes, they’re just finished.

mercedes 0405n2 omsi

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Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz ON2 Bus Mod | Simulator Games Mods Download

Retrieved from ” https: I don’t think these show two different generations of O These buses are usually fitted with ZF transmissions, but some are fitted with Voith examples. Finally some good wheels for this addon.

I just didn’t make them because I don’t like them. They mosi MhG Euro 2 engines producing kW. The GN2 type addressed this problem. I had already uploaded a mode to this forum but they remove beacause I didn’t ask for the permissions. Also mods for N1 and GN2 are now being uploaded! Please back up your bus file before installation.

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mercedes 0405n2 omsi

Really a great mod, I do love it! Do you make also wheels for the C2? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


Is the same command.

Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz O405N2 Bus Mod

Much of its popularity with government and private operators alike can be attributed to the popularity of the Mercedes-Benz O MkII chassis that it replaced. But sinceTransperth is in the progress of retiring them as they have reached to the end of their lifespan and sold them to private bus operators in not only WA mercedee also in other parts of Australia such as Victoria where there is 47 of them.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There is no shadow at the front vehicle part anymore.

Mercedes-Benz Wheels (O305, O405N1/GN1, O405N2/GN2, Citaro C2/C2G)

I’ll attempt to fix this and post something as soon as I can. Danke, werde es gleich mal testen.

mercedes 0405n2 omsi

Thank you for your comments. The last were retired in early I have already did that in the model.

Goood But can you this upload to Mediafire? High floor Low floor Low entry. Does anyone knows a solution for that? Wirklich ein toller Mod. Just tested it at the C2 but there seem 040n2 be three bugs as you can see on the picutures: JPG There are a lot of examples without the front wheel nut covers though, and 0405n22 did find very few buses where the front wheels had less “holes” in the rim.


Thanks again, now it works well. Mercedes-Benz O single decker and articulated. I used these two pictures for reference, and the wheels look prety much alike I think. You can open the 3rd door like you open all other busses 3rd and 4th door. The textures are also oomsi Julian was faster, thank you. Because of the difference in height between the front and rear modules of the chassis, there are one or more steps leading up from behind the centre door position to a standard O floorline.