Chandragupta’s grandson, The high point of the Mauryan empire Conquered the kingdom of Kalinga, B. Buddhism goes beyond religion and is more of a philosophy or ‘way of life’. Mauryan Empire ca BCE. Ancient Indian Dynasties Pages He left quickly, but his invasion gave rise to the first Indian dynasty.

mauryan empire ppt

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To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Ancient India Empires of India.

The Mauryan Dynasty – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The Mahabharata is the longest poem in any language with about 90, pot. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. This first Indian Empire was highly centralized and governed by an ideal of exercising power impartially.

mauryan empire ppt

Although he was a devout Buddhist, Ashoka was tolerant of all beliefs and allowed Hindu subjects to practice their religion. The Vaishyas are merchants and professionals such as carpenters and artisans. The Greeks, under Alexander the Great, entered India but turned back when his homesick troops threatened to rebel.

mauryan empire ppt

Auth with social network: That’s all free as well! The Mauryan Empire ca. Chandra Gupta I, the first Gupta ruler, had the same name as the first ruler of the Mauryan dynasty. The pillars marked sites pertinent to the Buddhas life. Fixing damaged noses was an early type of plastic surgery. Empiire aside from that it’s free.


Cities arose along trade routes. He wanted to spread the ideas of Buddhism, and so he built many religious structures.

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These are the priests and scholars. However, there are written records to confirm this. Chandragupta’s grandson, The high point of the Mauryan empire Conquered the kingdom of Kalinga, B.

The Mauryan Empire – Tamil are the people and language they spoke.

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The Indian people rebelled and the land of the Mauryan Empire split into many small warring kingdoms.

Development of the Mauryan Empire – ppt download

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Stupas rose quite high and each was surrounded by a spire. Ancient – In B. It created a new age of Indian civilization, especially under its greatest ruler, Chandragupta II, who ruled from to These are extremely poor people who work the filthy jobs — cleaning up the streets, carting away the dead. Buddha Ordered construction projects throughout empire Roads with wells and rest stops for travelers Fall of Mauryan Empire Mauryan They also proposed the theory that the Earth was round and revolved around the sun.

Auth with social network: Ashoka was the first ruler to promote what religion?