One of these is another PFL control: Delete Deletes the selected Playlist item s from the Playlist. To read a description of what each module does, see Module Descriptions, beginning on page If you have two or more Playlists, you can use Actions to control any Playlist. Note that you cannot resize individual buttons: Because they cannot be loaded into Players, command items have no effect in Assist mode. Drag any file from your music folder pane in the Browser and drop it on the blank Playlist area below the test file.

mairlist demo

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This is the recommended download, a regular Windows installer that will install the software under C: Show only nearest ramp default: Contents and Structure of mairpist. Note that the cartwall is multi-tabbed. We would like to sincerely thank all our users for their thousands of questions, suggestions, and ideas: The names of renamed panes are not remembered if you close and re-open the pane.

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By default, only the Recycle Bin is shown. We suggest that no matter how many sections you use in your skin. For example, you can easily change the numbers of Players or Cartwall Players, and many more subtle aspects of the way mAirList operates. Automatically determine Cue In for new items defaults: Mairllist Network file to add files which can only be located and retrieved by using a URL.


You can freely move any USB dongle to any computer, which you may find more convenient if you frequently change or upgrade computers.

mairlist demo

Usually, you would fast-fade a music bed out when you fire the closing sting. If you make any changes to any list, all six lists are saved in your mAirList config folder as the files: The mirlist way is to use the standalone configuration appfound in the Windows Start Menu.

mAirList for Home Users | mAirList Radio Automation

Existing MetaData files are edited indirectly in the same way. You download and install all mAirList licences—regardless of type—using similar steps, which are described below. Although Captions can be any length you like, we suggest that you keep them to one or two characters in length. If you have only one Playlist, use this section to change its settings.

mairlist demo

However, you can run automation using only a single Player. Ignore speaker assignment requires restart default: R Add this setting to change the text preceding the Ramp times shown in the Player. This makrlist is provided for compatibility with other playout software, because the Spacebar cannot be used as a Remote Control Hotkey in mAirList. To modify a Remote Control type, or to add or remove settings within that type of Remote Control, select it in the list, click Configure, then configure it as described below.


mairlist demo

Clicking the time display cycles through the first three time display modes in the table above. Show favourites as tabs default: In automation mode, mAirList plays tracks until it is stopped or the Playlist is empty.

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Remember window position and size default: Although this setting overrides the individual Player and Cartwall EOF Warning time settings, those settings are used if an item does not contain an Outro marker.

The audio files are not deleted from disk.

A Player divides naturally into five main parts: A list of mAirList commands is in Appendix A, beginning on page You can create as many cart sets as you 11 like, ready for near-instant loading. When you next open mAirList, it reads the cache file instead of examining each audio file; this usually reduces the mAirList startup delay significantly. Each Player is initially assigned a Caption matching its number 1, 2, 3, … and the Colour red.

To read a description of what each module does, see Module Descriptions, beginning on page Double-click Press and release the left mouse button twice in quick succession.