I say YOUR because most Americans support warring without a blink of an eye or without bothering to pick up a book. May 6, at 4: May 9, at 2: The reason for this is simple: By comparing someone with the nazis, the person you make look bad is yourself. Avoid the blocking of web pages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

mafiaafire redirector plugin

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It sounds significant to me that once Mozilla asked about details of a court order, no answer has been forthcoming. Plaats hier software gerelateerd p,ugin

MAFIAAFire Redirector

May 9, at 5: Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Have a wonderful day, M.

But they also harassed and imprisoned millions more in the decade before Pearl Harbor. Free and open-source software portal. Firefox add-ons Internet censorship Google Chrome extensions. May 9, at 6: Last revision 6 months ago.

mafiaafire redirector plugin

I really appreciate Mozilla standing up against this nonsense. May 5, at 8: We need a mirroring project. The protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet have caused many pages to be blocked by the competent justice departments, specially in the United States.


A number of people here are asking why the Department of Homeland Security is involved.

mafiaafire redirector plugin

I think the most important issue here is that they did not issue a mafiaafire order requiring to comply. Avoid the blocking of web pages.

The software redirects links from domains that have been seized mafiasfire governments to backup sites, in order to bypass the blocking. In other countries, people are shot because they say what they think, but the US are becoming the next 3rd reich, because of some domain seizures? Without a warrant any search or seizure is a violation of the constitution and the law.

Homeland Security Request to Take Down MafiaaFire Add-on | hja’s blog

One of the fundamental issues here is under what conditions do intermediaries accede to government requests that have a censorship effect and which may threaten the open Internet.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Mozilla rechaza el pedido del Gobierno estadounidense para bloquear Mafiaa Fire Linkeando: It seems the government disagrees. I would only add that the U.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. May 7, at May 6, at We are not terrorists or criminals. Underground Exploitation Underground Exploitation.


Homeland Security Request to Take Down MafiaaFire Add-on

The source code has been released for both the Chrome and Firefox versions as open-source software for people to confirm all of MAFIAAFire’s claims as well as improve the code or use the code in their own projects. Users can start their own discussions with relation to the plugins as well. Requirements and additional information:. We are protected against search and seizure without a warrant signed by a judge that specifies in detail who-by name, where and exactly what the crime being accused is.

We need to vote these lame duck politicans out of office. Deadline Live With Jack Blood. I do not know about you.