How to start playing Starcraft? Then report all 20 or so of your DCs, and boom, you’re 2 ranks higher! Ask and answer stupid questions here! The iccup how to play thing is incredibly outdated and doesn’t fix anything. It’s hard to say how much time you’d have to invest in these two sections, but still, it’s worth it. Is it likely to get big? The Scarlett Fan Club.

iccup server

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iCCup Kicks Off Dota 2 Server

A lot of complaints and reports come in every day and they’re theoretically not a lot of work. As stated by some people, iCCup was pretty much a place to play BW Their Dota server was also pretty big, and hopefully this serber will become too.

Looking for an arcade stick…. Please log in or register to reply. Tespa Collegiate Series Fall This kind of stuff needs advertisment also around here! Other Games Heroes of the Storm.

It iccu; there literally 3 minutes ago but now it’s gone. I already said I tried the iccup fixes. EPL Season 10 – Europe. Also, users and now admins like xboi have other interesting ideas.


iCCup — DotA Section

Mutation Shining Bright Chatter Plots: At least for me it’s very acurate. I also noticed that op Teamliquid channel has been a lot more active since TLS.

iccup server

This again isn’t too much work, a few hours per week and you’re done. Telling us bugs on the page, which we need to fix.

iCCup — Pages / The Basic rules of the Server

Hopefully it will be They had pretty cool BW and Dota servers. Log Iccip Log In Register. Help here, and we’d all get a better server! On January 30 These people check your complaints, refund points if you disc or add points if you were the victim of some guy that pulled the cable when he was losing.

iccup server

One of the leading Russian servers has now added Dota 2. China Team Championship Season 2. I’m sure most koreans and western americans have around ms to the iCCup server, but they still only have 50 or whatever to their opponents if they live close. Please understand that we’re a bit annoyed by users, who only join the ICCup team to have an admin icon.


If you find that the punishment against you is unfair, you can make a complaint against admin.

iCCup Launcher

This page was last edited on 10 Aprilat I’m more interested in who will dominate 3v3, prolly heroes like Slark and weaver also while this is definitly cool, I’d rather play on the real servers. How to start playing Starcraft?

iccup server

These rules are not in final state. On February 02 A typo zerver I can’t fix, so if some of the mods could do it that would be cool It should only be treated as a rough guide though.

Actually ladder admins check for that, so it won’t work at least they did when I was a ladder admin.