Using them would cause an error so using the suggested command-line makes it run just fine from GameEx. As the name suggests an emulator “emulates” or mimics something. I can’t find any command line options for this emulator to just launch the game. What features does FreezeSMS have? In FreezeSMS’s case it emulates old consoles and computer systems.


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FreezeSMS is an emulator which works under Windows. FreezeSMS currently emulates these systems: Just leave the core. Well I just downloaded and read the documentation to come up with the answer.

Nice that you got it solved. Finally If you freezes,s any suggestions then just get in contact us and describe your ideas, we are always open to new ideas. All other emulators have a box outside of the GG screen where this emulator is actually fullscreen.

Sorry I couldn’t help ya Finally, back at home, I tried with the “genesis plus gx” core from Retroarch and Sign In Sign Up.



This freezzesms what was taken from the whatsnew. If on the log Rocketlauncher reaches the emulator run line, check if by using the same run line on a command prompt you are able to run the game flawless.

The software from these systems can then be run on this emulation and it doesn’t know that it isnt on the original machine.

FreezeSMS – Sega – Master System / Game Gear Emulators – Zophar’s Domain

Posted June 30, If someone can explain me??? By MarkerJune 30, in General. Secondly we are always looking for people to do small odd jobs for us, such as compatibility testing and error reporting. Any assistance would be appreciated.

It has an explorer-like browser that loads whenever freezesms starts. I checked the size of them and both had same size, so I deleted core.

Posted June 14, I launch and this time I have: So following those instructions the command-line would be: This topic is now closed to further replies. As the name suggests an emulator “emulates” or mimics something. Secondly, is the emu or RocketLauncher that is asking for these folders? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


FreezeSMS 46

I can’t find any command line options for this emulator to just launch the game. Hello, Thank you very much for a little help! You shouldn’t download software from the above sites unless you already own it. Have a nice gameplay now!!! First thing, where is the log? frewzesms

FreezeSMS 46 SMS emulator for SEGA | Download ROMs

Notice there are no quotes around the file name that a majority of emulators require. Can I do anything to help?


Hi Bleasy and thx for your rapid answer! Well, I don’t tell the story more but after 4 hours I don’t understand what is the problem with this emulator. FreezeSMS has many major features: