What’s so great about Voip. You can make an Outbound call by dialing which is an information service. I’m still unsure which softphone you are using: January 22, at 7: Provided you make calls to Canada. You may enter up to 3 separate numbers so when someone calls you can be reached.

freephoneline softphone

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September 21, at 6: I spoke with someone Sherman in escalated tech support at Rogers today.

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The adapter should start playing some menu options. Once your configuration adheres to the guidelines, service will be restored.

You don’t need to keep your address updated. When you install the Freephoneline freephonsline app, your computer instantly becomes your free phone. Yes, if you use a laptop computer or if you purchase an ATA you can take freephoneline anywhere with you.

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Qos Packet Scheduler is enabled already. You can preview and edit on the next page. Is there another free service I could freephoneljne with x-lite to test it? Otherwise, you’ll end up way ahead using a FPL in the long run in terms of cost.


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We are talking about the FREE version. Write your information here: You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. I installed Freephoneline 3. I have found this softpgone amazing, especially for their life time free phone line and long distance deal. ATA Setup

I can certainly test simply by removing their current Rogers phone device from the loop instead. Has anyone been charged yet? In order to use Freephoneline from your computer you need to download the voip application a computer freephojeline phone that can be simply maximized when needed to place or receive calls.

freephoneline softphone

Can you use your own softphone? Keep posting such kind of information on your blog. Smartphones are now ubiquitous. I am living in London uk But mostly I use to call India for my personal as well as for business purpose.

freephoneline softphone

You will require a Configuration File from freephoneline in order to register your softphone on the freephoneline network. December 16, at 3: With Freephonline, after dialingthe initial E call centre, which does have my name, address, and call back number, still has to transfer the call to local dispatch PSAPwhich doesn’t have my name, address, and phone number.


The login page will come up, enter admin to log in then click Advanced Settings:. Greephoneline got the 3CX program working now With Smartgroschen app, you can make cheap phone calls to all mobiles and landline in Canada from your smartphones and tablet without sim card. So can anyone suggest me how to make unlimited calls to India form UKIt would be help full for me.

BigBlarg has a good point.

If you’re in a rural area, location based on cellular towers may not be very precise. Admittedly their website has become very confusing.

I have to repeatedly end call and retry before it will finally work. I guess you have answered my question It’s important, when signing up to a VoIP service you’re planning on using with that you always keep your address updated on file with them.