All the macOS Wallpapers: One can select a show in the Electronic Program Guide, if the carrier provides it, to record. The first thing I actually did was conduct an Internet speed test with http: However, the first time through, I didn’t see any digital stations and switched over to analog where I saw a whole bunch of stations. Also included is a small adapter that plugs into the TubeStick.

equinux tubestick software

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TubeStick Delivers HD Television on Mac Desktop

I also have basic cable service, that is, no set-top box — just a 75 ohm coax coming out of the wall. It can be connected via an antenna or home cable coax connection and comes with TiVo-like software to tune, softtware, pause, do instant replay, record, and export directly to iTunes.

equinux tubestick software

The size of that buffer can be a problem, however. I did that before with the Equinux Stationery product, so it wasn’t a problem. If you don’t, the app will hang and need to be forced to quit. I tested that with about 11 seconds of video, and the encoder took quite a long time to encode and export.

The antenna has a magnetic base, for attaching to, say, a car, so one should be careful to keep it isolated. There a compatible coaxial input one one side and a USB connector on the other.


I left Timeshift on too long and left the Mac alone.

TubeStick Delivers HD Television on Mac Desktop – The Mac Observer

It is an unusual process for most software vendors, and seems a little onerous, but, in hindsight, it isn’t a problem. Equinus preference panel slider in “Timeshift” isn’t labeled. I asked Equinux if there would be support for the El Gato Turbo. With that, one can plug in a 75 ohm coaxial cable from either a rooftop antenna or a standard cable TV system.

equinux tubestick software

I t’s very popular these days to watch TV on the Internet in, say, Hulu. Also included is a small adapter that plugs into the TubeStick. However, there are occasions when having direct access to broadcast TV and the ability to record it, especially in high definition, is desirable. With a little practice, one can use the mouse to go back in time a few seconds.

So I scrounged in the basement and found a splitter.

So I recommend that the Timeshift slider be set to a minimum for initial testing, and Equinux should consider labeling the slider and add a warning. I suspect that’s because Comcast doesn’t worry about digital QAM tuners connected to basic cable.

The second component is Mac specific software called Sofwtare Tube.

Equinux TubeStick TV Receiver Explored

You can see that in the screen shot: I noted several small issues that detract only a little from an excellent product. The screen shot below shows last night’s episode of 24 in high definition on Denver’s FOX station.


equinux tubestick software

However, I did find to my dismay that, often, lip sync was lost in this process. The first thing I actually did was conduct an Internet speed test with http: These guys are into Macs! One output went back into the cable modem and the other went to the TubeStick. Disconnecting the TubeStick from the Mac forced a reinitialization, and after that, I have had no problems.

This software provides the control panel for selecting channels, viewing the TV input, and other various functions. I just added The Tube to my profile with the license equijux printed on the manual. I should back up here and mention how I did that. The manual states that the minimum is MB and the maximum is available disk space minus 1 GB.

Not all the meta data associated with each channel came through by default.

However, more importantly, a product like this can go wrong in numerous ways.