You may need to create a few folder depending on how much you have the CC. If the file you downloaded has a. Let’s say you have three merged package which each one is about Mb or more, it is recommended that you drag only one package at a time into decrapify. The refuse-to-be-restyled counters are Coco, Shoppe, Overachieving and Cloud 9. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. It appears to be a process that alters the way packaged files are seen by the game, by altering some of the code in them. But now the first one we talked about is working

decrapify sims 3

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How to Decrapify .Sims3Packs and .Packages [FOR STORE CONTENT, etc.]

It appears to be a process that alters the way packaged files are seen by the game, by altering some of the code in them. Anonymous November 20, at 6: Are these something I should have if I am going to have a lot of CC and are they the same no matter where you get the files or are they different depending on who made it? Do I need to use decrapify in your content? There really should be a MATY glossary somewhere obvious so people could look things up when they’re trying to figure out what he’s talking about in the mod descriptions and game notes over there.


The Sims 3 Download Guide. Dicdic Jalique December 31, at 9: Is this the sima place to get it?

The sims 3 Custom Content Guide

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users: Fireplaces now show up in my game but I still can’t restyle corner counters even I cleared the cache. Browse for the package folder and open it, select all the. Open The Sims 3. I don’t really like going to MATY, for the reasons you named. Then just follow this guide on how to do it:.

Decrappin’? – nraas

If I were a Sims 3 player, I guess I’d have to do a thorough search at MATY and wade through the crap to figure out if the benefits of decrapify were worth it to me. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Sorry for the late reply. Zanna Neufeld December 29, at eecrapify Furthermore, if you share packages, they must not be decrapified: Thank you for your answer.

I have a mac and used keka to extract files which usually works perfectly. Just put it in a folder in s3pack format and put both decrapify. Labels 22 bakery bohemian darna decrap expansion filipino garden i knew you were trouble into the future island paradise love story manor mansion mean mermaid pastry red sims sims 3 sims 3 cc sims 3 clothes sims 3 downloads sims 3 exclusives sims 3 island paradise sims 3 store sims 3 store free sims 4 sims 4 cas stay stay stay superhero taylor swift taylor swift sims 3 the lucky one dscrapify venue you belong with me.


Then, replace your old s3rc. Before you launch the game, download the fix here sim install it the same way you install.

decrapify sims 3

If you do have CC in. Download the decrapifier here. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

With that said it is perfectly acceptable as long as it is being used on content purchased from the store for your own personal use to convert Sims decarpify to package files. In fact, it would be doing the rest of the world decgapify service if somebody went through and extracted the information over there and placed it all in stickies so the rest of us don’t have to deal with his idle hangers-on. It’s an option available on the Awesomemod, and since I’m not a Sims3 player I don’t know how to locate it.

decrapify sims 3

Link Reply Parent Thread. Unknown February 18, at 8: Help Mods Contribute Upload. If you had merged all the packages, just drag the merged package into the new decrapify which in the same folder dims the new s3rc and the package. Peter Popoff January 3, at 4: Log in No account?