Since the pushbacks are generated sequentially, the number of pushbacks scales linearly with the computation time. Computational aspects Figure 21 shows the main steps and associated variables in the proposed algorithm. Test results and discussion. Text files can be either fixed column width or character delimited. A set of blocks on level k that are repetitively shifted from modifying pushback and unplanned pushbacks. A simple way is to use an arbitrary set of revenue parameters and obtain a range of nested pits for further selection and modification, which is adopted by the Whittle tool. As there is no annual maintenance fee, upgrades attract an upgrade fee – the scale of the fee depends on the content of the upgrade.

datamine npv scheduler

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We then apply opening with SES 3 on the union of both sets, and obtain Figure 7c. Note that the ore tonnage range is flexible and should be adjusted considering the capacity tolerance of processing plants and the possible use of one or more stockpiles. On the basis of the limited analysis we have performed Maxipit models slopes at least as well as Whittle.

This step keeps the blocks that constitute n;v areas wider than or equal to w, in a set noted asand removes the others blocks. Tonnage of ore of the phase t. The procedure of the adaptive opening is described in Algorithm [5].


Datamine npv scheduler download

It can be seen that the opening is very useful to measure and control the width, as it removes the clusters of blocks that are smaller than the structural element, and keeps the wide areas unaltered. Gregory III ; A. The slope angle is usually controlled by the precedence relation of blocks. NPV Scheduler also includes a pushback generator that modifies nested pits to cater for mining width Datamine, When operating on current pushbacks, excessive blocks are removed and postponed to future pushbacks, leaving the the current pushback feasible.

One of the tasks of strategic planning is to design pushbacks, also referred as cutbacks, periods, or stages Hustrulid and Kuchta, ; Whittle, First, we run closing on the current PB, and the isolated blocks are joined Figure 9b. Synchronizing new geometric operators The geometric tools described above control the constraints of width, smoothness, and continuity respectively for one bench of one single pushback.

Introduction In surface mining, planning over the entire mine life is called long-term planning or strategic mine planning. The procedure for nested pits method can be flexible.

Yes, positional mining and processing cost adjustment factors can be read from the block model. Once a pushback is obtained, it is considered mined and the max-flow parametric optimization and geometric modifications are rerun on the remaining deposit.

Block elements and sets: As the parameter increases, a series of nested pits can be generated.

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EJ Technologies JProfiler v The pushback generation involves three main components: PDF Replacer Pro v1. Practical considerations result in two categories of constraints on pushback design: This ensures that the new pushback fully accounts for the effect of schedulwr geometric constraints applied on the previous pushback.


A set of blocks on level k that are repetitively shifted from modifying pushback and unplanned pushbacks.

datamine npv scheduler

Finally, the main algorithm to create sequentially all pushbacks is discussed. The discount rate for each block is 1. Stope optimization with vertical convexity constraints. We first review the concepts of block model, ultimate pit, and parametric pit. A pushback that satisfied the constraints will be accepted; otherwise, it will be abandoned, then the price parameter will be adjusted and the max-flow and modification procedure repeated until the capacity requirement is met.

datamine npv scheduler

Optimum design of open-pit mines. The number of pushbacks.

The impractical pushbacks generated by the nested shells method inside the same UPit are computed to provide a reference NPV. First, dataamine sequencing within each PB could be improved easily compared to the ad-hoc simple sequencing used here. Note that the capacity constraints are not applied on the max-flow pit as they are the solutions used to initiate our PB, which are the ones constrained by the processing capacity.