Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 30 October Bipasha and her friends discuss about some horror stories where each one shares an interesting story. She meets a man and tells him that she is looking for a job as a nurse. After a man takes advantage of his employee, he realizes that the house he is in earlier belonged to a yesteryear actress Kalpana, who had passed away after committing several murders.

darr sabko lagta hai full episode 1

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Bipasha Basu meets the author of a very fascinating book on masks.

The author named Rajesh Sharma narrates to her a tale of mask that is horrifying but is true. Darr Sabko Lagta Hai Hindi: Bipasha Basu takes us on a tour of a spine chilling horror story as she reads a diary that arrives at her place.

Bipasha Basu meets a woman, who narrates a supernatural story to her.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A couple decide to buy an abandoned house to spend their lives and as soon as they step into this house, paranormal activities begin to take its toll. Upen lives with his flat mate Nirvaan, who goes home for a week long holiday.

A woman narrates to some people. Bollywood actress, Bipasha Basu decides to break out of her life of reading scripts and plans to meet those who have experienced paranormal happenings for real. He finds a girl to chat with on the internet but is surprised to see a shadow speaking to him.


List of Darr Sabko Lagta Hai episodes – Wikipedia

Lists of anthology television series episodes Lists of horror television series sbko Lists of Indian television series episodes. Vikram reaches the police station with a bag of cash that he had robbed from a bank and tells his horror story. Karan Khanna, Himmanshoo A. The guard checking the plane, gets attacked by an evil spirit, who drags the man in the washroom and mummifies him.

She says that this horrific event occurred with her when her daughter, Vidya returned home from the hospital. Bipasha Basu is astonished when Kimi Roy approaches her, keen to tell a story.

darr sabko lagta hai full episode 1

Bipasha Basu meets a young boy, who narrates to her a chilling story of boy named Rohan. Avinash and Ruhi a couple are on their way home with their son Kush.

darr sabko lagta hai full episode 1

Retrieved 16 February Bipasha and her friends discuss about some horror stories where each one shares an interesting story. Bipasha Basu’s search for a supernatural story leads her to a lady whom she meets during one of her ad shoots for an NGO.

Darr Sabko Lagta Hai – Episode 1 – October 31, 2015 – Full Episode

Bipasha Basu recognizes her sabkko cane and is immediately excited to meet her teacher. Shikhar and his young student pack their bags and embark on a journey through the dry jungles which is haunted by beautiful but vampiric witches.


Bipasha listens to a story of a mysterious camera which belonged to self-obsessed girl who died and haunts everyone. A man loses his life at the NM Hockey Academy when he takes the instructions and gets to cleaning the academy.

A couple buys a new house, who is unknown of the fact that the house is being eisode. Bipasha Basu meets a girl, who narrates a story that occurred with a victim, who stayed at a hostel named Jannat. When two drunk men reach a ‘haveli’ one of them warns the other against entering the haunted mansion.

But just then, a wild beast lays his hands on the doll.

Episode List

Actress Bipasha Basu’s hair dresser narrates to her the tale that is related to her ex-lover and involves paranormal occurrences. Bipasha Basu meets a sage who narrates a chilling story to her.

The series aired on every Saturday and Sunday nights. Atish wakes up in the middle darrr the night in order to fulfil his lusty fantasies.

darr sabko lagta hai full episode 1

Bipasha meets a nun who tells her a real story of an aspiring nun Ellis,who gets possessed by devilish spirits.