I really feel adopted by the couple. How would you best describe your music? And knowing him, 2 years after that, was pretty awesome. It’s very rich in diversity. Last time we saw, they realized they wouldn’t get rid of me so easily and Kim said “Well, what can we do What is in store for Pethit for the rest of ? Do you write all the music?

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When I was My newest album has got a song with some Kim’s Dallesandro poetry. I remember you asking about Candy Darling.

In theaters because I can listen to my songs and sing in the most pristine conditions. But I failed at it because I engaged in some music classes and from then on I knew that I wanted to do some musical work. I guess that Joe and Candy were my favorites. Having a fun time! So being a independent artist like me I have no labels or manager, or nothing like like this is quite a punk DIY attitude as for the “do it yourself.

Last time we saw, they realized they wouldn’t get rid of me so easily and Kim said “Well, what can we do At pehit age did you realize that you wanted to be a musician? He’s our little child now. If a hippie Brazilian have had sex with Elvis Presley and gave birth to a boy during the punk era and if this son was adopted by Bowie.


After that I’ve lived in Argentina. At least, in metaphor it’s kind of true. But, at the same time, I am been quite Brazilian. Well, on itunes you can find my two released albums Estrela Decadente and Berlim, Texas. But I love having shared lyrics partners.

I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil where I studied literature and acting with my grand parents. I play a bit of electric guitar and some piano.

Estrela Decadente by Thiago Pethit on TIDAL

I guess it’s a harder business to find your way in. I learned to sing during this time, but the far I was able to do some music as hobby was singing in a sort pf rock n roll punk vibe at a school band, when I was a teenager. Decafente she one of your favorite Warhol protege’s Thiago Pethit: I then moved to Paris, France, where I did the most weird job in the world to ewtrela for my lyrical singing classes – I was paid by this fetishist guy to smoke cigarettes in a public cafe, while he watched me from distant I just love it when people call me like this.

It’s very rich in diversity. Just wanted to thank for the interview. We don’t really have a rock scene over there, so with those two things in mind, I can tell it’s real punk.


Mostly when I have my hair turn slicked to the back and my white untamed face. I started working as an actor on theater plays when I was really young. He looks like pwthit young Nick Cave and when I found out he was a successful recording artist in Brazil.

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Beam me up Punk Globe! He peaked my interest even more so Thiaog decided to interview him. Have you ever played in the United States? I met Thiago at Joe an Kim Dallesandro’s home recently and I was instantly charmed by his good looks and great smile. My second album was inspired by the NY 70’s scene, I made a videoclipe inspired by his movies and onscreen personas, pethih looks, everything.

And knowing him, 2 years after that, was pretty awesome. Would you like to tell the readers about calibration with Joe Dallesandro?