Simpson described Country Funk as having “that funk element with a really good backbeat, and then country guitars, and country melodies. Basically it’s all fake. Mix, Producer Mike Boito: So I reckon I have a stolen wife. Their friends all know me and think I’m the shit. General Comment There are a lot of things in this song that suggest the main character is gay but not open about it.

beck sissyneck

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Nonetheless, the voice can sometimes be heard on live performances of the song. But it’s still a good joke, even though it sissynfck have the punchline. So I reckon I have a stolen wife. Basically it’s all fake. It was the fifth and final single from the record. There was an error.

beck sissyneck

General Comment What are you talking about? Simpson described Country Funk as having “that funk element with a really good backbeat, and then country guitars, and country melodies.

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Having everybody know your name at the recreation center is not nearly as impressive as he thinks it is. Lyrics powered by LyricFind. The verses are all manly, tough guy braggin’: The song is an excellent example of Beck’s ability to effortlessly mix styles. General Bdck “queer as a three-dollar General Comment Well, my wife is a prisoner of a man who thinks he owns her.


How is it possible?

Mix, Producer Mike Boito: Played live times: Lyrics submitted by Ice. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Maybe ‘mix’ is eissyneck the right word, as they don’t really blend in anyway; they just flow next to each other.

beck sissyneck

Beck uses the intro to that song as the intro to his. It’s the achey-breaky heart after the triple bypass. There was this Barbie phone sample which was really the punchline of “Sissyneck,” and it’s gone.

I can’t remember exactly [what it said], but something like, “I know They look pretty good though.

beck sissyneck

In this case, the odd pairing of country and funk make up the song. I’d say that even though Beck has never met me, or had any contact with me in any way, that he somehow has had a vision of my life and felt compelled to write about it.

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Log in to add a tag. It’s a get-together at the recreation center Ping-Pong tournament.


This is the song in which Beck sampled a talking Barbie doll, but Mattel did not allow him to include it. The song is called Sissyneck. We do not have any tags for Sissyneck lyrics. Two of the best kids in the world. It seems to me that the dude goes and hangs with his boys in the evening time but during the day he is with his stolen wife. No Replies Log in to reply. Why not add your own? General Comment I think smartbunny is right.