I don’t think the problem has anything to do with aspectjweaver. Could not resolve dependencies for project ca. The reason for using the extra repo is so that I can use some 3rd party jars as maven dependencies. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: ValBlant Why it’s a bad idea to commit Java jar files into a repository. I am really stumped.

aspectjweaver.jar 1.7

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I have a project that declares an in-project repo like this: Active 4 years, 11 months ago.

Download aspectjweaverjar : aspectjweaver « a « Jar File Download

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aspectjweaver.jar 1.7

If you download the. I have a project that declares an in-project repo like this:. If the dependency is not available in Maven Central, and you want to make sure that anyone who checks out your code will be able to build your source without doing additional configuration or jar installs, then find any alternate public repository where the dependency is hosted.


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Email Required, but never shown. I am really stumped. The message at the end gives a crucial hint.

But in your case, similar or newer versions of aspecgjweaver.jar org. Final compilecommons-io: M1, Released Dec AspectJ compiler, browser, documentation tool, Ant tasks, and documentation.

Central Repository: org/aspectj/aspectjweaver/

Asked 4 years, 11 months ago. The compiler itself requires Java2 1. So, it’s not suddenly working, it’s working by The AspectJ compiler produces programs for any version of the Java platform jdk1.

In-project Maven Repository causing dependency errors Ask Question. The most recent stable build below is the currently supported release version. Register for EclipseCon Europe today! Ant Tasks released under the Apache License. The problematic version is requested by some other pom in Hibernate or Spring, so I always see that warning, yet the build succeeds. Breadcrumbs Home Projects aspectj Downloads. All releases are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse.


aspectjweaver.jar 1.7

Sign up using Email and Password. Consult the FAQ for more details. Post as a guest Name. Register now and aspectweaver.jar At a first glance, it seems like there is a problem with the org. What’s the reason for using this extra repository?

ClassNotFoundException: org.aspectj.weaver.reflect.ReflectionWorld $ ReflectionWorldException

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