In the list you can select channels of all or only certain satellites, then we see parameters for each channel, and the green dollar indicates that a given channel is encoded. In particular, it may save the cost of electricity when transferring large files, so you do not need to leave your desktop computer turned on, because a receiver with a hard drive connected is just sufficient enough. Another change, compared to the older model, is an optical digital audio output. Cryptobox HD Receiver remote control including batteries instructions. Each favorite list can then be renamed as needed, using a virtual keyboard that accompanies us through all character settings of the receiver. Each channel can then be added into the desired list using a colored button. Again, we have been allowed to peek into the very bowels of the loaned receiver.

ab cryptobox 550hd firmware

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AB CryptoBox 550HD

The window with detailed information about a program is rather unnecessarily small, and the reader will have to use arrows to scroll down to read everything. In addition, they are clearer, friendlier and more accessible than similar versions in the teletext form.

ab cryptobox 550hd firmware

I’m very positive about the power switch and the fact that it is possible to completely disconnect the receiver from the power. Termination of this function returns live broadcasting of the current program. It comes with a single Conax card reader that can crytpobox played on Universal with Cryptoworks and Irdeto cards. PVR includes stored records, Software offers new firmware to update, and other descriptions are obvious.


In the lower part there are tools for managing these files, their meaning is the same as in the menu of the FTP browser. Another innovation in displaying channel information bar is a progressive diagram of the quality of the received signal in the lower right part.

Thus we can always access the latest information and do not have to search hard in the teletext or using a desktop computer.

AB CryptoBox 3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx

The last option is Multimedia. If you press the Play button on the remote control, a list of recordings directly appears with a preview. Display brightness can also be adjusted, so that it is not a disturbing element in a dark room. There are more things to do cryptobkx the FTP browser.

Menu for the Antenna Settings is the same as in the initial guide, as well as the Fast Scan feature. Files can then be downloaded to your hard drive connected to the receiver.

ab cryptobox 550hd firmware

Another item of the Main Menu is Edit Fimware. Again, we have been allowed to peek into the very bowels of the loaned receiver. Compared to the previous model, he also received an alphanumeric VFD display showing the station name and standby time and some practical features such as Fastscan for Czech and Slovak programs.

In the list you can select channels of all or only certain satellites, then we see parameters for each channel, and the green dollar crypotbox that a given channel is encoded.

This menu can be directly accessed by pressing a single button of the remote control.

This is a complete novelty that is being launched on the market at this time, and, in comparison to the older model, newer design is obvious at first glance. The satellite tuner is on a separate board, it is connected to the main board with a connector series. By using this site, you agree with the way the cookie treat.


While running double recording, I switched to the third channel of the same transponder without any problems. Here is an overview of files on a connected recording device with the possibility of sorting by file type.

At first we are asked about the language of the Menu. Channels manipulation means moving them within the list, deleting, renaming or locking. The remote control is very elegant, in shiny plastic and slightly curved for easier grip in hand. Control and imaging is similar to the previous model reviewed, so there is no need to discuss it in detail.

CryptoBox HD -‐ a worthy successor to the HD model |

The whole process takes about 30 seconds. By creating play lists, you can make lists of files from different folders, which will be played in a selected sequence in a row.

Color key then determines functions of colored buttons of the remote control. The third item in the Main Menu allows setting all the parameters of the receiver so that it reflects other electronic equipment, our habits and requirements that may affect the control of the receiver or watching programs.

550dh can still only assume that by replacing this module, the receiver can be turned into a model that can receive terrestrial or fryptobox signal.