All of us striving to over the summit, Creatin us a vision that will be stunning We’ll become the urban city and do a show, You would get to see everybody for miles come running Yelling for Machine Gun Kelly, And Tech N9ne and Twista get it in Better bring somethin smelly We can take it to another level wherever you wanna go, Everybody put up your hands, I’m ready. You niggas should worship the ground I walk onI make mills off the tracks I talk on It’s king-pin 50 don’t call me nigga I don’t wanna talk it outThe 40 cal’ll hit yo’ leg go on and walk it outI see it clear you tryin to sabotage JimmySee what happens when you talk after sippin the Henny? You Don’t Want Drama. Well he knew that could happen fuckin with the kidThis is graveyard music right here ya dig? Hormat guru, ibu, dan ayah Jangan buat hidupmu semakin parah Kembali ke sekolah Kembali ke sekolah 2 x Verse 4:

8ball gejolak lendir

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Oydyssey To Anyoona Dub. Lendri Artist Pays The Price. It’s funny, I remember back one year when daddy had no moneymommy wrapped the christmas presents up and stuck them under the treeand said some of them were from mecuz daddy couldnt buy emill never forget that christmas i sat up the whole night cryincuz daddy felt like a bumsee daddy had a jobbut his job was to keep the food on the table for u and momand at the timeevery house that we lived in either kept gettin broken into and robbedor shot up on the blockand your momwas saving money for you in a jartrying to start a piggy bank for you so you could go to collegealmost had a thousand dollarstill someone broke in and stole itand i know it hurt so bad it broke your momma’s heartand it seems like everything was just startin to fall apartmom and dad was arguin alotso momma moved lsndir on the charmers in the flatone bedroom apartmentand dad moved back to the other side of 8 Mile and novaraAnd that’s wen daddy went to California with a cdAnd met Dr.

Full of drama, I was feeling like a failure. Sembilan belas tahun kemudian Singkat cerita andi mulai menginjak setangah dewasa Dimana masa-masa SMA adalah segalanya Dari mulai merasakan mimpi basah sampai jerawat batu menutupi semua area wajah Dan suarapun mulai berubah Bulu-bulu mulai tumbuh mewabah pokoknya semua bulu-bulu lenidr termasuk yang di bawah Cinta monyet pertama memang luar lendif seperti monyet di dalam hutan sana Kadang tak seindah masa pacarannya Rano Karno dan Yessi Pendir di gita conta dari SMA Muncul masalah baru waktu menghadapi EBTANAS Dimana teman-temanku ingin melanjutkan ke universitas Aku hanya duduk termenung karena masalah ekonomi keluarga yang begitu keras Sampai buku pun ku bawa di kantong belakang karena tak sanggup membeli sebuah tas Akhirnya ku bertekad ke kota besar untuk mencari senggenggam beras dari pada memelas Sampai lemas walau cemas berbekal dengan baju bekas Namun niat untuk hidup lebih pantas adalah keinginanku 8blal jelas 8baol Hormat guru, ibu, dan ayah Jangan buat hidupmu semakin parah Kembali ke sekolah Kembali ke sekolah 2 x Verse 1: Guru kencing berdiri Murid kencing berlari Cewek kencing berjongkok Yang 8bxll pada nengok Itu peribahasa apaan?


Space Age 4 Eva.

Hands In The Air with cool pics. You better listen what he’s sayin punk Don’t make me go pop the trunk Have you seen my city? Don’t Bring Me Down Feat.

lenvir For the block I GO! I know sometimes, things may not always make sense to you right now, but hey, what did daddy always tell you? And when these other rappers pen and pad it I was thirteen, with a semi-automatic Anything we ever wanted, then you know that we gotta have it, Don’t nobody ever snitch, get pinched you forget like magic. Looking for escape and a kick and the bass, that’s the story 8bal, MGK, Lace up. Kacamata besar rambut panjang Celana cut brai Taun enam puluhan Once more Verse 3: Drama in my Life.

8ball gejolak lendir

Meth lab in the back and the crack smoke pills through the streets like an early morning fog Momma’s in the slaughter house with a hatchet helping daddy chop early morning hog I’m catching Zs like an early morning saw when I woke up to the racket yawn and pause What the fuck man I can never get sleep man, peeped out the window what’s wrong with ya’ll? He’s gone Cameron, you better learn how to talk to me!!! Say It To My Face. Screaming fuck the world, fuck the world, Screaming motherfuck the world, fuck the world, fuck the world, Screaming motherfuck the world.

Give Me What You Want.

8ball gejolak lendir

I’ll send Haitian niggas at you yeah sak pase? Put Tha House Onit. Ciroc and Sprite on a private flight, bitch I been tight since Guiding Light.

8 Ball Gejolak lendir | Music Jinni

Do you really think that Notorious B would believe these guys Or the Internet thugs that the media finds? Zoe pound niggas they don’t playBuck stabbin niggas on camera and it’s okCause my money make my lawyers make the shit go awayAttempted murder, get a year on probationCam are you clear what you facin’?


To the top I GO! This is not competition this is murderCareer endin, mind bendin, Southside ya finishedNow look niggas laughin at Cam down on LennoxThey heard what he did but they don’t know why he did itI have eighty of them boys with black flags, come through with black magsAnd have you niggas zipped up in black bagsFor a second he was hot now he coldI apply pressure on niggas until they foldBut never mind me, man that’s just how it beThe game got me trained they call me lensir hustle manAnd like fame, my style will live foreverThey thought I crossover, cause they don’t know no betterI think they think I’m laxed now cause I got the cheddarTill I return back bustin trust me it’s nothin OHHH!!!!

Relax And Take Notes. Bangun pagi terasa sulit sekali Maklum tadi malam lendirr dugem sampe pagiHangout sampe jackpotKeur baju tanktop melorot Mabok ampe bolotPala pusing kejedot dot Kaus kaki tinggiRok seragam pendek miniCari sensasi Pengen tampil seksi Seperti anak SMA sinetron televisi Hoy, mau kemana atuh?

8ball gejolak lendir

Hands in the air. And that’s real, how I feel in a city when a weak man die, Doing whatever we got to do to survive, Hand to the sky, middle finger up high Screaming fuck the world, Screaming motherfuck the world, fuck the world, fuck the world, Screaming motherfuck the world [Machine Gun Kelly] From the back streets to the pack sheets, On a block, running from cops like athletes Whoever would’ve imagined Lace Up could’ve got me to the finish like track meets.

Beihnd the scene 8 ball gejolak lendir gemar goblog diss

Doing odd jobs, everybody seeking me, Traveling to work, back on forth from the bus. Top Tracks Top Artists. Stood up in my Crimson Tide Alabama sweat pants and threw my pillow Looks like daddy caught the motherfucker that tried to sneak in and steal his elbows They don’t know that old man don’t hold hands or throw hands gejjolak he’s rough like a brilo Went to the Chevy and pulled out a machete and that gun is heavy and tall as the midget willow Hook X2.